Russian Foreign Ministry on Belarus, Venezuela, the OPCW, and US Occupations of Iraq and Syria

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September 4, 2020
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Russian Foreign Ministry on Belarus, Venezuela, the OPCW, and US Occupation of Iraq and Syria

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed unacceptable “interfere(nce)” by anti-democratic “Polish authorities…in the domestic affairs of the Republic of Belarus.”

Calling their actions “outrageous,” she accused Poland of supporting Belarusian opposition elements in defiance of its legitimate government, adding:

“It is using information and propaganda broadcasts to influence Belarusian public opinion and providing shelter in Poland to the leaders of street protests.”

Both countries share a common border, Polish authorities acting in cahoots with Washington’s aim to replace Belarus’ legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule.

In late August, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry protested strongly against what’s going on to the Polish charge d’affaires in Minsk.

MZ stressed that the Kremlin called on the Warsaw regime to cease unacceptable support for anti-government actions in Belarus to no avail.

On Friday, Belarusian television aired what President Lukashenko called an intercepted recording between Berlin and Warsaw that indicates Merkel’s claim about Alexey Navalny’s alleged novichok nerve agent poisoning was fabricated.

A German individual called “Nick” is heard telling a Pole named “Mike” that all tactics in “war” are acceptable.

They discussed how Navalny’s alleged poisoning could be used to dissuade Vladimir Putin from helping Lukashenko.

Calling him a “tough nut to crack,”  they said the plot in support of his opposition is not going as planned.

Belarusian broadcaster ONT sent the recording to Russia’s Federal Security Service for further analysis.

Despite a failed US plot to oust Lukashenko so far, anti-Russia/anti-sovereign independent Belarus OSCE envoy James Gilmore unacceptably called for him to step down, saying:

“What we have (to do) is to try to persuade (him) that he cannot be the president of a country under these circumstances (sic),” adding:

“He thinks that a fraudulent election (sic) followed by brutal suppression of the people is good enough.”

After a few days of harsh crackdowns of protesters post-election, Belarusian security forces largely acted with far more restraint than what occurs against demonstrators in the US, other Western countries and Israel.

Gilmore also said he’s “deeply concerned” about possible intervention in Belarus by Russia that hasn’t happened and only would under provisions of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and according to the rule of law.

Calling Belarus’ August 9 presidential election “a sham” is a bald-faced Big Lie.

Sergey Lavrov criticized unacceptable remarks by Western officials and illegal sanctions on Belarusian officials that have no legitimacy under international law.

Commenting on upcoming December parliamentary elections in Venezuela, MZ called them “a major step on the way to a peaceful political settlement of internal differences in Venezuela.”

The process will be monitored by international observers.

Ahead of the election, President Maduro pardoned 110 opposition figures who were involved in trying to topple him by coup d’etat or assassination.

The move hasn’t changed longstanding US regime change plans by both wings of its war party, wanting pro-Western fascist tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy hardliners in Washington tolerate nowhere.

MZ slammed continued US-enforced “bans on Caracas,” part of its plot to suffocate Venezuelans into submission to Washington’s will.

The Trump regime won’t recognize National Assembly results if Bolivarian democrats triumph over fascist opponents.

Fearing this result, it called on hardliners in the country to boycott the election.

The plot to transform Venezuela into a US vassal state remains unchanged — the same true of all sovereign independent countries not controlled by Washington.

MZ slammed the pro-Western OPCW for failing to properly investigate CW attacks in Syria against government forces and civilians, saying the organization is dragging its feet instead of fulfilling its mandate.

In deference to its US master, it falsely blamed Damascus for CW incidents it had nothing to do with.

MZ called its actions “politically biased in Syrian affairs,” adding:

The OPCW is “fulfill(ing) the political orders of (the US and other Western) states that have repeatedly used armed force against Syria in violation of the UN Charter to pursue their geopolitical interests in the Middle East.”

MZ noted that Trump once again said he’ll reduce numbers of US occupying forces in Iraq.

“The figures that have been quoted over the past few years are so different that I don’t think there is any point in mentioning them again because every year we hear something new” from Washington on troop pullbacks from countries where they’re not wanted, she said.

The only acceptable alternative is total withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Syria.

Their presence in both countries is hostile to their sovereign rights and the rule of law. It assures continued instability and endless regional wars.

MZ: Time and again, declarations of “US intention(s) to withdraw military units from foreign countries often remains an empty (promise) that is never carried out.” 

“Syria offers a specific example. US troops have firmly entrenched themselves in (the country) in violation of all international standards although…Trump repeatedly said he would withdraw them.”

“There are many spots like this in the world” where US forces are unwelcome occupiers, hostile to the rights of populations where they’re based.

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