UHCHR Supports US Coup Plot in Belarus

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September 20, 2020
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September 21, 2020

UN OHCHR Supports US Coup Plot in Belarus

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) breaches its sworn mandate “to promote and protect human rights for all” by supporting Washington’s imperial project.

Earlier and more recently, the OHCHR falsely accused Bolivarian Venezuela — the hemisphere’s preeminent social democracy — of human rights abuses while ignoring US-led Western and Israeli high crimes of war and against humanity.

Belarus is the the latest OHCHR target. Ignoring a US coup plot to topple its legitimately reelected president, OHCHR deputy director Nada Al Nashif falsely accused the Lukashenko government of “violent crackdowns (sic), increasing repression (sic),” and other human rights abuses.

Claiming Belarusian security forces arrested “thousands (of) peaceful” protesters ignored violence and vandalism committed by hooligans in their ranks.

They were detained for defying the rule of law, most later released. Virtually all nations operate the same way to maintain law and order.

What’s going on is the latest made-in-the-USA plot attempt to replace a legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule — reality on the ground ignored by the OHCHR, Nashif instead saying the following:

Besides “thousands of arrests, (they’ve been) hundreds of reports of torture and other ill-treatment, including sexual violence and the reported torture of children (sic),” adding:

“(V)iolent abduction of people… by masked individuals, presumably on the basis of their peacefully expressed opinions” continue (sic).

“Harassment, intimidation, pressure and reported expulsion from Belarus of members of the opposition, including the members of the Coordination Council, should stop.”  

Like its pro-Western propaganda reports on Venezuela, the OHCHR presented no evidence backing its accusations.

True enough in the aftermath of Lukashenko’s legitimate August 9 reelection, state security forces violently cracked down on protesters for a few day alone.

True enough as well, governance under Lukashenko is authoritarian.

Security forces are now charged with maintaining order nonviolently, what’s been largely the case for weeks.

Protests in Minsk and elsewhere in the country straightaway after Lukashenko’s reelection were orchestrated by US dark forces long before ballots were cast when it was clear he’d handily defeat a pro-Western challenge to his rule.

The OHCHR quoted anti-Russia/pro-Western Polish academic Anais Marin saying the following:

“Mr. Lukashenko’s eagerness to remain in power after the end of his current term appears to be the main cause of a current political deadlock in Belarus,” adding: 

“As demonstrations have spread to all sectors of society – from housewives to factory workers and students – I call on the police to immediately stop escalating violence.”

Besides his false accusation against police, Marin ignored Lukashenko’s legitimate reelection.

The OHCHR defied reality, falsely calling the August 9 election “neither free nor fair (sic).”

Lukashenko handily defeated Tsikhanouskaya legitimately by a near-62 – 25% margin.

Claims otherwise support the US attempted coup plot against him.

Tsikhanouskaya is a political nobody housewife used and manipulated by the US to serve its interests, the OHCHR supporting the attempted coup plot by its propaganda claims.

Angela Merkel’s government also backs it. Her UN envoy Michael von Ungern-Sternberg was quoted saying the following:

“We call for the immediate release of all those who have been arbitrarily deprived of their liberty (sic).”

“For these reasons, the EU has tabled a resolution requesting the high commissioner to make an interim oral update with recommendations to this council before the end of the year and to present a comprehensive written report on the human rights situation during and after 2020 Presidential election in Belarus at the 46th session followed by an interactive dialogue.”

People yearning to breathe free everywhere call on Germany and other European countries to stop allying with US war on humanity by hot and other means worldwide, including its latest coup attempt in Belarus.

When Tsikhanouskaya makes public statements, she’s reciting remarks scripted by her US handlers, manipulating her to serve their interests.

A likely CIA produced fake news report about Belarus falsely claimed there are “men lying on the ground…beaten with sticks, with truncheons, being kicked…blood everywhere…everyone being beaten…We’ll kill you all…That’s how it’s going to end.”

Reality during Belarusian protests are polar opposite the above fake news.

In response to unacceptable UHCHR accusations and meddling in Belarusian internal affairs in cahoots with the US and EU, Lukashenko’s envoy to the UN in Geneva said the following:

“The government rejects any such unfounded allegations that undermine the validity of the elections which were a reflection of the sovereign right of the people to make their own choice.”

“The use of alternative assessments of reality at international fora we see as an intervention in domestic affairs.” 

“The supposed serious violation and deterioration of the human rights situation in Belarus is something we do not agree with.”

Protests at times are not peaceful, including use of “stones, sticks, cars (as weapons) and…Molotov cocktails that were prepared in advance.”

Instead of denouncing these actions by hooligans against the state, UHCHR ignored them.

Russia’s envoy to the UN in Geneva Gennady Gatilov said the following:

“(I)nitiators of today’s debate on the supposed violations of human rights in Belarus are nothing other than an attempt through pressure and threats to destabilize the situation in the country and provoke a political crisis, as they already did in the neighboring country” Ukraine.

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