UK Novichok Hoax Encore in Germany

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September 10, 2020
UK Novichok Hoax Encores in Germany
September 10, 2020

UK Novichok Hoax Encore in Germany

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

What goes around comes around for good or ill.

The 2018 UK-concocted hoax about Sergey and Yulia Skripal’s alleged poisoning by a military-grade novichok nerve agent ignored that the Russian Federation never produced the toxin.

No evidence suggests it has any, and in September 2017, Russia was praised for eliminating the last remnants of its chemical weapons arsenal, a landmark achievement.

At the time, the Arms Control Association noted the significant accomplishment.

It explained that a 2007 deadline for the US to follow suit was extended to 2012 and again to 2023 — because of unexplained delays in what should have been completed years ago.

In November 2017, Vladimir Putin criticized the US for delaying elimination of its chemical arsenal, saying:

It “does not look proper for a nation that claims to be a champion of nonproliferation and control” — in name only, Putin failed to add.

A world free from chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons is nowhere in sight.

The US, NATO, and Israel use them in all their preemptive wars on invented enemies.

When dubious UK reports surfaced about father and daughter Skripal’s illness from novichok exposure, only police detective Nick Bailey was reported harmed the same way — no one they came in contact with.

Their reported recovery from alleged poisoning by the most deadly known toxin — able to kill virtually anyone exposed in minutes — proved that whatever happened to them wasn’t from novichok.

At the time, Britain’s Theresa May regime refused to release data backing their claim of novichok poisoning, nor any evidence to support its accusation of Russian involvement — because none existed.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed willingness “to cooperate with British investigators in establishing the real reasons behind” what happened to the Skripals, its spokeswoman explained.

Theresa May rejected the idea. Questions Russian officials asked went unanswered. Truth-telling was suppressed. 

The Kremlin was falsely accused of what no evidence showed it had anything to do with.

The same reality applies to Navalny. If exposed to the lethal nerve agent, he’d have been dead before boarding a flight from Tomsk, Russia to Moscow.

He’s hospitalized, alive, and his condition is improving, according to Berlin medical reports.

Moscow’s public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor provided Germany with medical data on Navalny’s condition from treatment and diagnosis by Russian toxicologists.

Around two weeks ago, Moscow’s “relevant request” for Berlin to reciprocate in kind went unanswered.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a strongly-worded statement that implies unacceptable coverup by German authorities, repeating the scenario of their UK counterparts for the Skripals, saying the following:

“Russia insists that Germany provide data on Alexey Navalny’s medical examination, including the results of the biochemical tests, as per the official request for legal assistance submitted by the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on August 27, 2020.” 

“Berlin has not been willing to respond to our repeated requests in a prompt and constructive manner.”

“Without the above-mentioned information, the Russian law enforcement agencies are unable to engage all the necessary procedural mechanisms in order to establish the circumstances of the incident.” 

“Meanwhile, the frenzy that is being stirred up around this case is only growing.”

“We note that Russian doctors proposed establishing close dialogue with their German colleagues in order to discuss the available data on Alexey Navalny’s health that is held in Russia and in Germany.” 

“Unfortunately, the German side has been thwarting this process.”

“The unconstructive approach by the German authorities is accompanied by groundless accusations against Russia.” 

“The massive misinformation campaign that has been unleashed clearly demonstrates that the primary objective pursued by its masterminds is to mobilize support for sanctions, rather than to care for Alexey Navalny’s health or establish the true reasons for his” hospitalization in Berlin.

On Tuesday, G7 foreign ministers unacceptably blamed Moscow for what happened to Navalny — falsely saying evidence “confirm(ed) (novickok nerve agent) poisoning,” adding:

“G7 foreign ministers…are united in condemning, in the strongest possible terms” — what no evidence proves happened as claimed.

Unless Merkel’s government provides Moscow with medical data on Navalny’s illness — verified by DNA evidence — its claims about what happened would be thrown out of any legitimate tribunal straightaway.

Justifiably angry about accusations with no proof, Moscow called them “baseless…politicized…absurd (and) unacceptable.”

What’s happening repeats the exposed and discredited poisoning by novichok of the Skripals Big Lie.

Note: German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass’ false claim that medical data on Navalny’s condition can’t be sent to Russia because the investigation into his illness is “still ongoing” doesn’t pass the smell test.

There’s no ambiguity about what’s happening.

Russia is being falsely blamed for what no evidence suggests its involvement — like many times before on other invented issues.

For US, German, and other Russophobic hardliners, Navalny’s condition is being used to try undermining Moscow’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will double its capacity to supply Germany and other European countries with low-cost natural gas when completed.

Their scheme also aims to sabotage Russian relations with Europe that benefits both sides.

Big Lies take on a life of their own. In time, this one will likely unravel like earlier ones about Russia and other nations on the US target list for regime change.

Note: Friday marks the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 mother of all Big Lies.

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