Western Propaganda Support for Made-in-the-USA Belarus Protests

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September 6, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Western Propaganda Support for Made-in-the-USA Belarus Protests

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Months of planning precede US preemptive wars on nations threatening no one.

The same is true for its color revolutions and old-fashioned coups.

What’s been going on in Belarus since incumbent President Lukashenko’s August 9 reelection was planned long before well-orchestrated protests began.

There was nothing spontaneous about them and no doubt about Lukashenko’s decisive triumph over political nobody/US designated puppet in waiting Svetlana Tikhanovskaya — repeating the failed Guaido-type scenario in Venezuela.

The Wall Street Journal called her a “youthful(ly) appear(ing) housewife…an ordinary person” with no political experience — easy to manipulate by her US handlers, the Journal failed to add.

So far, pledged Russian support for Lukashenko if needed — and endorsement of his reelection — foiled the best laid plans by US dark forces that want him replaced by a pro-Western puppet they control.

According to the Financial Times (FT), “(f)ractures appear(ed) in the Belarus(ian) opposition,” adding:

They’re weak and divided over constitutional reform v. replacing Lukashenko.

Weeks after his reelection, opposition elements in the country realize that “in the short term at least,” he’s empowered in office, going nowhere, his “loyal” security forces controlling things.

“Crucially” he has Russian support. Last week, Sergey Lavrov called Belarus “our strategic ally,” adding:

The country “faces the threat of serious destabilization for the first time amid the most energetic (US-led) outside interference.” 

“We condemn pressure on the part of some foreign states which, at the same time, openly support the opposition that is discontent with the results of the presidential election.”

Stability is more greatly threatened by saber-rattling US-led NATO military exercises near Belarusian borders.

Moscow rejects foreign interference in the internal affairs of any countries, a flagrant UN Charter breach when occurs — what’s been going on in Belarus for weeks that’s all about Washington aim to gain another imperial trophy.

In the case of Belarus, it’s a country bordering Russia the US wants infiltrated with dark forces to target its heartland.

When the US wants sovereign independent governance in a targeted nation replaced by pro-Western puppet rule, establishment media support what demands denunciation.

Since US orchestrated street forces followed Lukashenko’s decisive August 9 reelection, the NYT has been strongly supporting the CIA/NED orchestrated plot to remove him from office.

Most Belarusians back Lukashenko. Not according to Times propaganda, falsely claiming widespread “popular anger (sic),” calling his clear reelection “disputed (and) blatantly rigged (sic).”

The CIA-connected Washington Post claimed that “the future of Belarus…doesn’t include…Lukashenko,” quoting a Minsk university student.

Sounding like a Langley plant, she called for “change (and) freedom” that surely would be crushed under pro-Western rule.

US-controlled fascist rule in neighboring Ukraine is what awaits Belarusians if Lukashenko is forcefully or otherwise toppled from office.

The Hill published a pro-Western, anti-Russia, anti-Belarusian sovereignty piece by Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) cold warrior Stephen Bank.

Defying reality in what reads like bad fiction, he said the following:

“Over the summer, the Kremlin poisoned…Navalny (sic), beat up and incarcerated other dissidents (sic), stonewalled…negotiations over its invasion of Ukraine (sic), made nuclear threats (sic), probed air spaces and territorial waters (of NATO states) (sic), and stepped up…cyber (attacks) (sic),” adding:

Moscow “t(ook) over Belarus’ media (sic), (sent) paratroops” to the country (sic), and “believes (that it’s) not an independent state (sic).”

The above is one of countless examples of militantly hostile rubbish directed against sovereign nations free from US imperial control by establishment media and hardliners they feature — stuff unfit to print or read.

Blank and likeminded Russophobe extremists called on Germany to sever ties with Moscow, terminate Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline over what he falsely claimed is its “longterm war against the West and its own people (sic).”

More of the same followed, sounding like sour grapes over how Moscow foiled US regime change plans in Syria and Belarus, along with strong Sino/Russian ties, what President Xi Jinping earlier called the “best in history,” both nations “each other’s most trustworthy strategic partners.”

Their alliance is a powerful vision in support of multi-world polarity, countering Washington’s fading unipolar world agenda.

Both countries and other sovereign independent ones are rising in prominence on the world stage in stark contrast to decline by the US and Western imperial partners.

Last week, Sergey Lavrov slammed what he called “destructive remarks (by) EU and NATO” officials on Belarus, along with unacceptably “intensify(ing) military activity near (its) borders.”

With Russia committed to aid Belarus in case of foreign aggression, its sovereignty and territorial integrity are protected at this time.

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