Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Highlights Nuclear Armed and Dangerous Israel

Iranian FM Zarif Highlights Nuclear Armed and Dangerous Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The geopolitical agendas of nonbelligerent Iran and nuclear armed and dangerous Israel are worlds apart.

With US support, Israel began developing nukes in the 1950s.

Its ruling authorities refuse to sign the NPT or abide by its provisions. Nor do they permit IAEA inspections of their nuclear facilities.

They have lots to hide. Israel has nukes but how many.

It maintains the right to use all weapons in its arsenal to protect the nation if threatened. 

Does that include nukes, including against non-nuclear states?

According to the Federation of American Scientists and other experts, its nuke warheads can be launched by air, ground, sea, or sub-surface — able to strike targets in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The Jewish state is also believed to have 100 or more laser-guided mini-nuke bunker-buster bombs — able to penetrate and destroy underground targets.

The US-led West ignores the threat posed by aggressive Israel to regional and world peace.

Unlike the US and Israel, permitting no inspections of their nuclear weapons sites, Iran’s legitimate nuclear facilities are the world’s most heavily monitored, its ruling authorities fully cooperating with IAEA inspectors.

Iran’s ballistic, cruise, and other missiles are solely for self-defense, its program fully complying with its obligations under Security Council Res. 2231, unanimously affirming the JCPOA nuclear deal.

No Iranian ballistic or other missiles are designed to carry nuclear warheads, conventional ones alone. No evidence suggests otherwise.

If not eliminated, US and Israeli nukes may one day be unleashed on humanity.

By video message on Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif called on the “international community (to) compel Israel—which has aggression in its very DNA—to promptly accede to the NPT and destroy its nuclear arsenal,” adding:

“(G)iven its six decades of deception and clandestine development of nuclear weapons, it must be compelled to submit to the most intrusive inspection regime that law-abiding members of the NPT observe.”

Despite calls for nuclear disarmament to prevent the catastrophic use of these weapons one day if detonated in enough numbers, “the US (and likely Israel are) developing new” weapons of mass destruction “and recklessly lowering the threshold of their deployment,” Zarif stressed.

The US strongly supports the only nuclear armed and dangerous regime in the Middle 

East, an “outlaw” one that “openly threatened others with nuclear annihilation, all while crying wolf about proliferation.”

As long as the Jewish state follows its present aggressive path and US forces occupy Middle East countries, the threat of nuclear armageddon will remain real in the region — one of the world’s tinderbox hot spots.

Zarif called on the UN General Assembly “to declare as a binding norm of international law that a nuclear war cannot be won—and must never be fought.”

This action should be followed by binding nuclear disarmament, mandating elimination of these worldwide before they eliminate us.

Last year alone, the US spent more on nukes than the GDP of many countries, said Zarif.

“Enough is enough,” he stressed!

Separately according to IAEA director general Rafael Mariano Grossi:

The nuclear watchdog “continues to verify the non-diversion of nuclear material declared by Iran under its Safeguards Agreement, and evaluations regarding the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities continue.”

Countless times before, the IAEA declared that Iran remains in full compliance with its nuclear obligations under the NPT.

Its program has no military component or intention to have one. No evidence suggests otherwise.

Yet the nonexistent Iranian nuclear threat Big Lie refuses to die — kept alive by US and Israeli mass deception.

These bandit regimes and their rogue partners in high crimes pose an unprecedented threat to humanity.

Nonbelligerent Iran operates by a higher standard in full compliance with international law.

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