NYT Big Lies Reinvent Joe Biden

NYT Big Lies Reinvent Joe Biden

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The choice for US voters in November is none at all.

Both right wings of the one-party state are hostile to what just societies hold dear.

Businessman Trump is a political novice compared to Biden’s near-half century as US senator and vice president.

His record reflects virtually everything disturbing about dirty politics as usual in Washington.

Throughout his public life, he’s been unapologetically pro-war, anti-peace and stability, pro-business, anti-progressive, anti-labor, anti-governance serving everyone equitably— anti-what matters most to ordinary Americans.

As Obama’s vice president, he was complicit in terror-bombing seven nonbelligerent countries in eight years, for supporting neoliberal harshness over equity and justice for all, for serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of ordinary people.

All politicians lie, how Biden operated throughout his public life.

Ignoring his destructive agenda, the Times reinvented him saying:

He “vowed to be a president for all Americans, even those who do not support him (sic).”

Fact: Like most others in Washington, he consistently pledged one thing and did another, betraying ordinary people — clearly how he’ll operate if elevated to the nation’s highest office.

He vowed to “restore the soul of America,” said the Times. 

Fact: Throughout his public life, his soul was and remains for sale at the right price — how the US political system works.

Advancement to positions of power depends on going along to get along, supporting dirty business as usual continuity.

Governance of, by, and for everyone equitably isn’t the American way.

Nor is peace, stability, and respecting the rule of law — notions the US ruling class abhors and doesn’t tolerate.

Biden operated by this destructive standard throughout his public life.

Not according to Times disinformation, saying:

“Biden is assuring the public that he recognizes the magnitude of what the next president is being called upon to do (sic).”

“Thankfully, he is well suited to the challenge  — perhaps particularly so (sic).”

Along with serving privileged interests exclusively throughout his public life, near-octogenarian Biden shows distinct signs of cognitive impairment.

If he succeeds Trump in January, he’ll be the oldest first-term president in US history.

Twice in his mid-40s he had major brain surgery.

According to Science Daily, “(m)ajor surgery is associated with a small longterm decline in cognitive functioning.”

His frequent mangled and incorrect remarks give pause as to whether it shows signs of cognitive decline.

If elected in November, will he be physically and/or cognitively unable to complete his term?

Was Kamala Harris chosen as running-mate to replace him mid-term if necessary or succeed him as Dem standard bearer ahead?

At the same time, Trump v. Biden in November is less about them, more about which right wing of the one-party state will control the executive branch for the next four years.

The same holds for Congress.

On issues of war and peace, corporate empowerment, along with other domestic and geopolitical ones mattering most, continuity is certain whenever US elections are held.

Reinventing Biden by the Times didn’t pass the smell test.

Instead of fair and balanced reporting, truth-telling journalism the way it’s supposed to be, the Times is providing Biden with press agent services.

It’s repeating the one-sided support shown for Hillary in 2016 — both figures two of the nation’s worst, neither deserving support for any public office, clearly not the highest.

The Times finds new ways to disgrace itself. Consider the following litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Biden:

“His campaign is rooted in steadiness, experience, compassion and decency.”

Fact: His record in office is polar opposite the above claim.

He’ll “embrace the rule of law and restore public confidence in democratic institutions.”

Fact: No democratic institutions exist to uphold, just fantasy ones.

Fact: His record shows abhorrence of observing international, constitutional and US statute laws.

“He would stock his (regime) with competent, qualified, principled individuals.”

Fact: Like most of his predecessors, including the current incumbent, Bush/Cheney, and the Clintons, he’ll stack his regime with dirty business as usual political hacks.

“He would stand with America’s allies and against adversaries that seek to undermine” the country.

Fact: There are none — clearly not nations the US doesn’t control, notably China, Russia and Iran.  

“He would work to address systemic injustices.”

Fact: He’s a walking, talking poster boy for flagrant injustice.

“He would not court foreign autocrats.”

Fact: The world’s most ruthless tyrants are some of Washington’s most valued allies, notably oil-rich ones.

“His focus would be on healing divisions and rallying the nation around shared values. He would understand that his first duty, always, is to the American people.”

Fact: His political history is polar opposite the above Big Lie.

There’s much more in the Times’ pro-Biden puff piece, an exercise in mass deception.

I’ve strongly criticized Trump’s policies throughout his time in office.

As much as I oppose what he’s done and stands for, I fear Biden and undemocratic Dems more.

They’re more belligerent than Republicans. 

If Biden succeeds Trump in January, will he launch new preemptive wars along with continuing ongoing ones by hot and other means?

Will he advance the nation further toward full-blown tyranny by supporting more police state laws?

Will he abandon what remains of US social justice in deference to privileged interests he’s served exclusively in public office?

Will his support for monied interests and warmakers exceed the worst of his predecessors?

Will his tenure as head of state make the nation more unsafe and unfit to live in than already?

There’s nothing about his record in office that warrants public support.

The same goes for Trump.

Voters in November should either support independent candidates or stay home.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

“How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War”



“Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity”


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