Trump v. Biden News

Trump v. Biden News

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US November 3 elections are a few weeks away.

In 2016, Hillary was heavily favored to defeat Trump. It looked certain.

On election eve 2016, the hostile to Trump NYT said “Hillary Clinton has an 85% chance to win,” adding:

“Her chance of losing is about the same as the probability that an NFL kicker misses a 37-yard field goal.”

He won. She lost. Will history repeat on November 3?

Polls can be deceiving — willfully or otherwise. 

As a freshly minted MBA in 1960, my first job as a marketing researcher involved analysis of surveys to assess customer sentiment, information compiled for business clients to aid their marketing strategy.

I learned straightaway how bias distorts results.

Key in polling is statistically valid random sampling of a well-defined, representative universe.

Key as well are specific questions, their wording, in what order asked, with great pains taken to avoid bias. 

Business clients want facts to help make operating decisions.

Political polls can be suspect, depending on their sponsors, wanting the best showing for candidates they support.

If the universe sampled includes more registered voters from one wing of the one-party state v. the other, results will reflect inaccurate public sentiment.

In US presidential elections, swing state results can elevate one candidate to the nation’s highest office over the other.

In 2016, Hillary won the popular vote by a 2.1% margin. 

Trump defeated her by winning key battleground states — notably Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

No GOP presidential candidate ever won without taking Ohio. 

In 27 of 39 US presidential elections since 1860 (the year Lincoln won), winners carried Florida, including Trump in 2016.

Only twice has a Dem aspirant won without taking Florida — Jack Kennedy in 1960 and Bill Clinton in 1992.

Losing Florida and Ohio virtually always spells defeat.

According to Real Clear Politics, Trump v. Biden in Ohio is a virtual dead heat. Around half a point separates both candidates.

The three latest Florida polls conducted through October 7 have Biden ahead in two by 3.7 and 4 point margins — Trump ahead in the other by 3 points.

According to polls, both states are tossups. They could go either way. 

If Trump wins them — very much possible — most likely he’ll secure a second term.

On Friday, he rejected a virtual “debate” with Biden.

When held, US presidential debates are pre-scripted theater, far-removed from what real debates are all about.

Analysis shows they fail to influence voter sentiment most often. When held, the vast majority of voters know who they support.

So-called “debates” accomplish little with sentiment largely locked in.

Throughout US history, presidential “debates” weren’t held until Kennedy v. Nixon in 1960.

Trump’s rejection of virtual “debating” will likely have little or no effect on election results.

For the second time since Trump took office, Speaker Pelosi-led House Dems aim to oust him for unjustifiable reasons.

The scheme to impeach him on phony abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges fell flat.

On Friday, she and Rep. Jamie Raskin discussed proposed legislation to create an unelected committee to serve as judge and jury on whether Trump should be removed from office for spurious poor health reasons.

She dubiously claimed 25th Amendment authority to unjustifiably justify her second coup attempt.

A joint statement by her and Raskin said the following:

“A president’s fitness for office must be determined by science and facts (sic).”

“This legislation applies to future presidents. With this bill, Congress upholds its responsibility to protect the Constitution and the people (sic).”

From inception, no US president left office voluntarily or involuntarily for health issues.

The 25th Amendment was never used to try ousting a US president for this reason.

Many past US presidents were ill in office, some in serious condition, none ever replaced for their condition.

Pelosi’s scheme is unrelated to Trump’s health. He’s apparently recovering well from whatever caused his illness.

She and other undemocratic Dems want him weakened ahead of November 3 elections.

Her plot to try removing him from office is virtually certain to fail.

Her unacceptable action may backfire, perhaps improving his reelection prospect.

As nominal head of her party, she proved conclusively that Dems are unfit to serve for the second time — especially in the nation’s highest office and key congressional posts.

Wall Street Journal editors slammed her unacceptable action, calling it “fanatic animosity,” adding:

Pelosi/Raskin legislation is “insane…nuts,” falsely claiming whatever caused his illness rendered him “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

They and Dem co-conspirators want the 25th Amendment used as a “weapon for political scheming and abuse” — a thinly veiled coup d’etat plot.

The dubious legislation is highly unlikely to pass either House, surely not the Senate — certain to be vetoed if reached Trump’s desk.

Enacting it into law would jeopardize all future US presidents.

It would risk their removal from office for dubious reasons if both the House and Senate are controlled by the opposition party.

It could render already farcical presidential elections null and void.

It might even make the US political system a laughing stock internationally.

The 25th Amendment is not intended to be a political weapon for one wing of the one-party state to use against the other.

That’s precisely what Pelosi and Raskin have in mind.

Calling for a “16 member committee that could act in an emergency (sic)” — with 8 Dems and 8 Republicans plus a 17th person chosen to head the group — assures a majority for the opposition party.

Pelosi defied reality, claiming the proposed legislation has “nothing to do with politics.”

It’s all about Dems wanting Trump removed for defeating media darling Hillary in 2016 — timing the plot a few weeks ahead of November 3 elections.

By any standard, the measure is a Dem coup plot 2.0. 

Since taking office in January 2017, they and most establishment media have gone all-out to vilify Trump for the wrong reasons — ignoring key right ones.

If he defeats Biden for a second term, Dems may step up efforts for revenge.

His triumph would likely let Republicans retain Senate control.

Divided government with Dems maintaining House control might be least damaging legislatively.

At the same time, no matter how things turn out on November 3, ordinary Americans will lose like most often before.

It’s the American way — notably since New Deal, Fair Deal, Great society programs were established over half a century ago.

Note: The New York Post mocked Pelosi, calling her “COUP-COUP!”

Her plot is DOA.

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