US-Led Anti-China Smear Tactics

US-Led Anti-China Smear Tactics

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, the world’s leading human rights abuser USA falsely accuses other nations of these offenses — while ignoring its own at home and abroad worldwide.

High crimes of war and against humanity by hot and other means, along with state-sponsored terror, are by far the most serious human rights abuses.

They’re committed daily by the US against numerous countries unwilling to bend to its will.

Homeland abuses include fantasy democracy, money controlled elections shutting out independents, racial and gender discrimination, religious intolerance, state-sponsored violence, Big Brother surveillance, deteriorating press freedom, unaddressed hunger and homelessness, widespread poverty, a growing wealth disparity, police state harshness, and much more.

During a Tuesday UN General Assembly session, the Trump regime’s aim to slam China’s human rights record fell flat.

Nearly twice the number of UN member states opposed the US-led Western effort to criticize China’s record in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet.

Supporters of what demanded opposition included Britain, most EU nations, Canada, Japan, and virtual US colonies Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, Honduras, Palau, and the Marshall Islands.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the following:

“China is firmly opposed to anyone, any country or any force creating instability, secessionism or unrest in China, and we also are firmly opposed to political manipulation on issues related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang and interference in China’s internal affairs.”

Countries supporting China against US-led criticism endorsed the legitimacy of its national security law.

They backed the UN Charter principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The US and its imperial partners do it repeatedly, flagrantly breaching international law, along with committing grave human rights abuses — all of the above blamed on others.

“Refugee crises, racism, extremism and ethnic minority problems have been lingering, and vicious incidents against Jews, Muslims and African descendants have occurred frequently in some western countries,” Hua stressed, adding:

Nations unjustifiably criticizing China in support of US imperial aims fail to “say anything about (its appalling) human rights” abuses.

“China will never accept these ‘lecturers on human rights’ and opposes their double standards.”

China’s UN envoy Jhang Jun said the following:

“China is ready to work with all parties to carry out constructive dialogue and cooperation based on the principle of equality and mutual respect and jointly promote the healthy development of the international human rights cause.”

Beijing promotes peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries — in stark contrast to US rage for dominating other nations worldwide, smashing ones unwilling to bend to its will.

Trump notably blames China for made-in-the-USA COVID-19 — vowing on Wednesday to “make China pay a big price” for the scourge unleashed by the US worldwide.

Beijing hasn’t responded to his threat — made weeks ahead of US November elections.

Chinese officials operate by a higher standard.

Analyst Pang Zhongying noted that bilateral Sino/US relations “can hardly get any worse now but I think war is still not likely.”

Stiffer tariffs, continued provocations, and other dirty tricks are very likely.

Pompeo seeks to form an Asian NATO compromised of the US, Japan, India, and Australia to challenge China.

On Tuesday in Tokyo, he called for “counter(ing) the (invented) challenge (Beijing) presents to all of us,” adding:

“Once we’ve institutionalized what we’re doing – the four of us together – we can begin to build out a true security framework,” other countries to be added an “appropriate time.”

While Asian nations Pompeo called the “Quad” have unresolved issues with China, they also want bilateral relations maintained for regional stability and their own economic interests. 

They reject undermining relations with China in deference to US imperial aims.

A Final Comment

International laws, treaties, conventions, and agreements are for others to observe, according to US standards.

It operates by its own rules, not others, making them up in pursuit of its aims.

No nation is more contemptuous of the rights of others and their people than the US.

None more grievously harmed their rights and welfare in pursuit of its imperial aims.

None more greatly threaten everyone everywhere.

Former UK MI 6 head John Sawers earlier said: 

Pax Americana — the American unipolar moment “was very short-lived and it is now over.”

Its super-weapons remain locked and loaded to launch against invented enemies.

If detonated in enough numbers, we’ll all be at risk of perishing.

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