Pompeo Addresses Right Wing Extremist Group

Pompeo Addresses Right Wing Extremist Group

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, Pompeo addressed the so-called International Republican Institute (IRI).

The organization is part of the anti-democratic National Endowment of Democracy (NED).

It’s a CIA spinoff involved in covert civil society subversion worldwide — notably efforts to undermine democracy wherever it exists.

Masquerading as independent NGOS, the NED, IRI, and National Democratic Institute (NDI) are funded by the US to disrupt and undermine democratic initiatives.

Their tactics include strike actions, mass street protests, media propaganda, and whatever else it takes to replace independent governments with pro-Western puppet ones.

Longstanding US policy considers democracy the way it should be a threat to national security.

Its elimination is prioritized wherever it exists. The practice is banned in the USA, how it’s been from inception.

Like the NED, the IRI is run by a rogue’s gallery of hardline extremists, including former Trump regime national security advisor Gen. HR McMaster, and Senators Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and Tom Cotton.

Pompeo tried reinventing the IRI, falsely claiming it aims to “advance the cause of democracy on almost every continent” — polar opposite its mission.

Two ongoing initiatives — together with the CIA and NED — are orchestrating violence, vandalism and chaos in Hong Kong, mostly in 2019, sporadically this year.

Since August, the IRI has been involved in the Trump regime’s coup plot against sovereign Belarus, aiming to transform the country into a US vassal state.

The above and much more like it is how the CIA, NED, IRI, and NDI operate — enemies of independent governments and ordinary people everywhere.

What Pompeo called the IRI’s drive for freedom and Washington’s notion of standing for it is eliminating its roots and expression wherever it exists.

There’s nothing “exceptional” about US imperial policies, nothing “rooted in…declar(ing) and fight(ing) for the truth.”

No “unalienable rights” for all Americans are upheld by its ruling class.

Hailing the so-called State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights he formed last July, Pompeo concealed its real purpose.

It’s unrelated to the “nation’s founding principles (sic) and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

It aims to deflect attention from US high crimes of war, against humanity, and grievous abuses against ordinary Americans — exploiting them to serve privileged ones exclusively at their expense.

The US is to unalienable rights as a crime boss is to changing his wicked ways by going straight.

Concern for human rights by Republicans and Dems is that too many ordinary people at home and abroad seek too many that US dark forces want them denied.

America’s inherent “goodness” doesn’t exist, never did, nor will it ever as long as pursuit of dominance over other nations is prioritized.

Pompeo never misses a chance to bash US invented enemies, notably Iran and China.

Along with many times before, he falsely accused Beijing of “put(ing) more than a million innocent people in internment camps, where they perform slave labor” — one of his many bald-faced Big Lies, adding another saying:

“(S)ome 1.4 million people (in China) are denied freedom of speech, assembly, association, the press, and every other way that human beings choose their own future (sic).”

Pompeo praised unlawful US sanctions — weapons of war by other means on nations unwilling to surrender their fundamental rights to US interests.

Pompeo is a poster boy for what Washington’s diabolical agenda at home and abroad is all about — a scourge harming billions of people worldwide.

Even imperial supporting/Iran-bashing NYT editors and the militant NATO-connected Atlantic Council slammed Trump/Pompeo’s “maximum pressure” on Iran — including new sanctions on its banks to try cutting off the country from the international financial system.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif called the action “medical terrorism” for wanting Tehran prevented from importing what’s needed to provide its people with proper healthcare.

The Times slammed what it called “collective punishment” of the Iranian population.

The Atlantic Council’s Barbara Slavin said Trump regime “maximum pressure (on Iran is) sadism masquerading as foreign policy.”

It has nothing to do with national or global security, everything to do with wanting millions of Iranians suffocated into submission to US imperial interests.

Pompeo and countless other US hardliners prioritize what just societies abhor and don’t tolerate.

They disgrace the positions they hold, notably Pompeo, an unapologetic thug — using his position as a weapon against peace, equity, justice, and democracy the way it should be everywhere.

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