Biden Campaign Partner NYT

Biden Campaign Partner NYT

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT is a machine for the manufacture of managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish.

Its daily editions misinform and disinform.

It’s to journalism the way it should be what war is to peace, what inequity is to justice, what the rule of law is to flagrant breaches – what yellow journalism is to the real thing.

In deference to wealth and power interests, it long ago abandoned fair and balanced reporting.

It rejected governance of, by and for everyone equitably and the rule of law, along with what journalism is supposed to be.

Its marching orders mandate mass deception over truth and full disclosure news that’s fit to print.

Without informing its readers, it joined the Biden campaign to defeat Trump — by reinventing the challenger and his wannabe-president-in-waiting if successful.

Neither aspirant for the nation’s highest office is fit for any public position. Neither warrants public support.

Both unapologetically back domestic and geopolitical agendas just societies abhor and don’t tolerate.

Both exclusively serve privileged interests at the expense of public, health, well-being, and governance the way it should be.

Both assure the next our years will be more dismal and destructive than previous periods — domestically and geopolitically.

That’s been the longtime trend, notably since GHB Bush declared: “By God, we’ve licked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all.” 

Operation Desert Storm followed, along with genocidal sanctions on Iraqi civilians, the rape of Yugoslavia, and endless new millennium wars of aggression.

Bombs away, forever wars, and might over right is official policy of both right wings of the one-party state.

The choice for voters between Trump and Biden/Harris is none at all.

More than ever, US presidents and hardliners surrounding them  lie, connive, misinterpret, circumvent laws, ignore them, and do what they damn please. 

They operate ad libitum for their own self-interest, their cronies, and the nation’s privileged class.

The US gives new meaning to the notion that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It’s always been this way, now more than ever. 

No nation in world history ever did more harm to more people worldwide over a longer duration than the US.

That said, Biden/Harris are more likely to prioritize hot wars against nonbelligerent nations threatening no one than Trump.

He and his challengers will likely escalate wars by other means against nations unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington.

One-party rule with two right wings governs the US. On issues mattering most, not a dime’s worth of difference separates them.

They’re militantly hostile to peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law.

The US is a democracy in name only, never the real thing, a nation hellbent for ruling the world unchallenged, for plundering its resources and exploiting ordinary people everywhere.

Under either wing of the one-party state, pursuit of the above aims is assured by waging forever wars on humanity at home and abroad.

Between both wings, Trump is most likely to do less damage than undemocratic Dems under Biden/Harris.

Their history of harm against ordinary Americans should have automatically disqualified them from being Dem standard bearers.

On November 3, voters should either back independent candidates or stay home.

Instead of setting the record straight, the NYT reinvented Joe Biden, ignoring the enormous damage he’s done throughout his public life.

The Times falsely claimed he’ll serve all Americans if elected — what he never did throughout his public life since the early 1970s.

His soul was and remains for sale at the right price, how he and the Biden crime family operate.

He represents the worst of what undemocratic Dems are all about, a party supporting forever wars, Wall Street and other corporate interests, austerity for ordinary Americans, along with police state crackdowns on nonbelievers.

In its latest edition, the Times accused Trump of “accelerat(ing) his party’s demise, exposing the rot that has been eating at its core for decades and leaving it a hollowed-out shell devoid of ideas, values or integrity, committed solely to preserving its own power even at the expense of democratic norms, institutions and ideals.”

In 2000, the Times supported the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore ruling — handing the presidency to the former even though the Dem candidate won a popular and Electoral College majority, the latter determined when Florida’s recount showed Gore won the state.

By a 5 – 4 majority, the High Court overruled the majority vote and overrode the Florida’s Supreme Court ruling — on spurious 14th Amendment grounds.

The Times had no beef with the outcome or the GOP, the latter only surfacing under Trump.

At the same time, the broadsheet goes out of its way to perpetuate the myth of “American democracy,” a notion the nation’s founders rejected.

Nor does the Times admit that one party with two right wings runs the US.

Defying reality, it falsely calls the US “a healthy political system (with) competing parties to give citizens a choice” when none exists.

Times furor is directed at Trump, not the GOP, for defeating media darling Hillary in 2016, the broadsheet wanting revenge.

Along with other establishment media, the Times has gone all-out to suppress Biden family sleaze.

Ignoring Joe Biden’s public admission about intervening for his son Hunter’s dubious dealings in Ukraine, the Times falsely said:

No evidence suggests “that the former vice president improperly manipulated American policy toward Ukraine as a result of his son’s activities.” 

“There is no evidence that the elder Mr. Biden, while serving as vice president, improperly intervened to aid his son.”

The above statements are bald-faced Big Lies — typical of how the Times operates, suppressing what’s vital for everyone to know.

Nor did the Times hold Biden’s feet to the fire for falsely saying: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life (sic).”

Biden family influence peddling for self-enrichment is longstanding.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Times one-sidedly bashes Trump while running cover for father and son Biden, suppressing truth and full disclosure about them.

Ahead of November 3 elections, the Times supports the worst of two unpalatable choices for the nation’s highest office.

But it’s worse than that. It’s doing it by mass deception, by Big Lies, by ignoring Biden crime family wrongdoing.

It’s backing sleaze over governance for all Americans equitably, not just for the privileged few alone — what’s assured no matter which right wing controls and White House and/or Congress.

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