Anti-Netanyahu Protests in Israel Continue

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October 5, 2020
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October 5, 2020

Anti-Netanyahu Protests in Israel Continue

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

For over three months, thousands of Israelis have been rallying against Netanyahu on weekends, demanding his resignation.

Public anger is over bribery, corruption, and breach of trust charges he’s on trial for, the dismal state of Israel’s economy on his watch, and mishandling of Covid outbreaks by his regime.

Furor increased after ordering a second lockdown to contain Covid — a repressive tactic wherever ordered, including earlier in the US and Europe.

Despite police state legislation banning public gatherings because of Covid outbreaks, tens of thousands of Israelis rallied on Saturday, maintaining pressure on Netanyahu to step down.

Opponents call him “Crime Minister.”

The Times of Israel reported that “violent clashes erupted between police and ultra-orthodox” worshipers in Jerusalem.

According to the Jerusalem Post, dozens of anti-Netanyahu protesters were “arrested, several attacked,” adding:

“Throughout the country (on Saturday), tens of thousands of protesters gathered at their nearest bridges and junctions to protest.” 

“This comes after the Knesset passed a bill (last week) that, due to the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown, protesters may only demonstrate within a one-kilometer radius of their homes.”

Tourism minister Asaf Zamir resigned from the Netanyahu regime because of the police state law that restricts public assembly and free expression.

“My conscience does not allow me to stay in a government that prevents de facto protest,” he said, adding:

“Even at its most difficult time, Netanyahu runs the country according to his own political interest.”

An anti-Netanyahu protester likely spoke for many others, saying:

What’s going on “is only the logic of an accused man who is trying to stop the protests against him. Despite this, we call everyone to go out and protest.”

IDF General Asaf Agmon (res.) said the following:

“This is part of the prime minister’s incitement.” 

“Today, a recording came out of Likud-supporter groups telling other Netanyahu supporters to come to the protests and to act in violence.” 

“Israel police have not acted against this until now.” 

“We call on our people to be careful and be ready. Why (are) the police not protecting the people?”

On Saturday, “clashes between protesters and police (occurred) throughout the evening and nighttime,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

A video on social media showed  police violence. 

Images included footage of journalist Jonathan Hempel being thrown to the ground by police to prevent him from photographing state-sponsored violence.

Like many times before, Netanyahu called protesters with legitimate grievances “anarchists…leftists…traitors,” and other pejoratives.

So far, Israel is the first country to order a second lockdown. Polls show only about one-fourth of Israelis support how he’s handling conditions in the country.

Attorney General Mendelblit overruled his call for declaring a national emergency — intended for greater police state harshness.

Netanyahu’s trial is in recess until early January.

As long as long overdue justice is delayed, it’s unacceptably denied.

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