Bolivia’s Presidential Election

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Bolivia’s Presidential Election 

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Last November, CIA manipulation in Bolivia replaced democratic rule under Evo Morales with subservient to US interests fascist control.

Last October 20, Morales was reelected overwhelmingly, defeating former president/US favorite Carlos Mesa by a double-digit margin.

Phony claims of electoral fraud followed, similar to what’s gone on in Belarus since Alexander Lukashenko’s August 9 reelection for another term.

The difference between both countries lies in their respective security forces.

In Belarus they support Lukashenko. In Bolivia, key military and police officials were trained at the infamous US School of the Americas and by the FBI.

Generals involved were paid around $1 million to betray their country and people. Others involved were paid substantial but lesser amounts.

The US installed regime was bought and paid for. Ordinary Bolivians want an end to their fascist rule.

A clear majority supports restoration of what was lost last year, wanting Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) candidates regaining power.

To win a first round triumph, MAS presidential candidate Luis Arce and running mate David Choquehuanca need over 40% support with at least a 10% margin over the closest runner-up challenger — or over 50% of the vote for a clear majority.

Given what happened last year, Bolivians hostile to fascist rule fear manipulative history may repeat, things rigged to prevent restoration of democratic rule.

Hours before polls opened on Sunday, ruling coup d’etat regime Supreme Electoral Tribunal head Salvador Romero said the DIREPE preliminary results system was suspended.

MAS leadership criticized the move’s timing, coming at the 11th hour, raising concerns over whether it’s intended to give the regime time to rig Sunday’s results.

From Argentina, Evo Morales tweeted the following:

“It is extremely worrying that the TSE decided to suspend the system of Dissemination of Preliminary Results (DIREPRE) hours before elections.”

“We made public observations that were not responded to in a timely manner.” 

“This last minute decision raises doubts about the intentions.”

With DIREPRE suspended, it’s unclear when election results will be announced.

According to Grayzone’s Ben Norton on Thursday, ruling coup d’etat officials threatened election observers on arrival in the country, Grayzone members among them.

They’re being “stalk(ed)” and “smear(ed)” as ‘terrorists,’ ” CIA operatives likely involved in what’s going on.

Norton explained that photographs of observers were posted online. Regime enforcer Arturo Murillo “issued a veiled threat,” saying:

“We warn agitators and people who seek to generate violence, they are not welcome.” 

“We will put them on a plane or behind bars. Behave, we know who you are and where you are.”

Norton and other Grayzone members are part of a CODEPINK: Women for Peace US delegation.

Norton explained that as independent electoral monitors, they’ll follow “guidelines presented to us by Bolivia’s electoral court, and outlined by the United Nations.”

He added that smear tactics and veiled threats are examples “of the suffocating atmosphere of right-wing intimidation in Bolivia,” adding:

Ahead of elections, the US-installed Jeanine Anez coup d’etat regime “arrested and banned numerous MAS candidates.”

Journalists were threatened, including “TeleSUR reporter and US citizen Camila Escalante.”

US controlled fascist regimes in Organization of American States (OAS) are also sending observers.

Its secretary general Luis Almagro supported last November’s coup d’etat to replace Evo Morales with US controlled fascist rule.

Majority Bolivians for restoration of democratic governance may be disappointed again if the Anez regime in cahoots with the CIA prevent it.

If election results defy public sentiment by claiming coup plotters retained power, it remains to be seen whether rage in the streets against injustice will follow.

A Final Comment

According to, the seat of government in La Paz, Bolivia “saw a military mobilization” in the city’s central area ahead of Sunday’s election.

Interior minister/chief enforcer Arturo Murillo “inaugurated a plan called ‘Everyone For Bolivia.’ This involves a full militarization of the country, supposedly to monitor the elections.”

Given what happened last November, is something similar planned post-election?

Militarizing the seat of power ahead of elections is an ominous sign.

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Stephen Lendman
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