Failed Trump Regime Coup Attempt In Belarus Resorts to Violence – Again

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October 14, 2020
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October 14, 2020

Failed Trump Regime Coup Attempt in Belarus Resorts to Violence — Again

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

US-orchestrated events in Belarus since President Lukashenko’s legitimate August 9 reelection are all about wanting him toppled and replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

Belarus’ Guaido, political nobody Svetlana Tikanovskaya’s arrogance tries emulating her puppet masters in Washington — pulling her strings and scripting her remarks.

On Tuesday, she upped the stakes further. Reciting lines handed her by Trump regime hardliners, she said: 

“We declare a national ultimatum on October 25 (sic).”

Her Trump regime puppet master demands that Lukashenko resign by this date and comply with other US demands.

Otherwise, strikes will be called, roads blocked, and coup plot supporters will stop patronizing state stores.

Expect her demands with no legitimacy to fall flat like other unacceptable ones earlier.

US orchestrated violence occurred in Minsk this week.

According to Belarus’ Interior Ministry, Molotov cocktails were thrown at police headquarters in Minsk pre-dawn.

An investigation began to determine the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

On Monday, Belarusian security forces used tear gas and stun grenades against disruptive protestors.

According to Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee spokeman Roman Lashkevich, the action was taken when elements “show(ed) aggression against law enforcement officers.”

Separately, according to Belarus’ Telegraph Agency, “police and personnel of the Internal Affairs Ministry’s internal troops will not leave the streets and will use special gear and lethal weapons if necessary” for self-protection.

Belarusian First Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Chief of Criminal Police Gennady Kazakevich said  protests are now concentrated mainly in Minsk.

They’ve become more organized, orchestrated, and extremely radicalized.

Last weekend, elements used stones, bottles, knives, and shivs against police.

They built barricades and set automobile tires ablaze.

“Such events have nothing to do with civic protests. We face not simple aggression, but groups of militants, radicals, and anarchists, attempting to recreate events of early August,” Kazakevich explained.

What’s going on was made-in-the-USA, its latest color revolution attempt. Beginning on August 9, it continues.

“On behalf of the Internal Affairs Ministry I state, we will not go away from streets and will ensure order in the country. Police” and other security forces will do whatever it takes to defeat the coup plot, Kazakevich stressed — including use of lethal force if necessary.

Ignoring the made-in-the-USA coup plot, establishment media jumped on the above threat.

The pro-war, anti-peace, equity, justice and rule of law NYT slammed the threatened use of lethal force — ignoring mob-initiated violence Belarusian authorities are mandated to counter and stop.

CNN, the most distrusted name in television news, claimed black-clad police “dragg(ed) protesters into unmarked black vans and beat (them) with batons (sic).”

Police acted against rioters, including elements instigating violence, what CNN failed to report.

The UK owned and controlled BBC slammed Lukashenko one-sidedly as it’s done since reelected in August.

On Monday, Brussels repeated the Big Lie claim that Lukashenko’s reelection was “neither free nor fair.”

A follow-up Big Lie falsely claimed that “domestic observers” called the results unfair.

Lukashenko’s government invited the OSCE to monitor the process.

Deputy Russian UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy explained that the organization “chose not to fulfill its obligations” that would have explained Lukashenko’s legitimate reelection had its monitors been involved on the ground, adding:

Russia falsely “heard allegations that Belarus refused to let international observers into the country.”

“Let me (state) the facts. Minsk…invite(d) the OSCE to monitor the process.” 

“However (its) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) refused to accept the invitation, (falsely) claiming that it came too late.” 

“It was office’s own decision not to send observers, though it displayed flexibility in similar cases with elections in Serbia (on June 21), Poland (June 28), North Macedonia (July 15) and Montenegro (August 30).”

Another BBC Big Lie falsely claimed that “(i)nternational observers including the European Union have characterized the demonstrations as peaceful” — ignoring US orchestrated violence.

Despite failing to oust legitimately reelected Lukashenko, the US coup plot won’t likely fade gently into the good night.

Disruptive, violent street actions could continue for months.

Already weaker than earlier with less support, they’ll eventually fade once only a handful of pro-Western radicalized elements support them.

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