Issues Highlighted by Russia’s Foreign Ministry

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October 16, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Issues Highlighted by Russia’s Foreign Ministry

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Despite strong US opposition, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that Moscow was “elected to the UN Human Rights Council for 2021-2023.”

It was supported by 158 of 193 UN member states, a near-80% majority.

MZ: “We regard the weighty support provided to our country as evidence of wide recognition by the international community of the correct course being pursued by Russia to establish and strengthen a mutually respectful and depoliticized dialogue on the entire spectrum of items on the human rights agenda.”

In stark contrast to warmaking USA, NATO and Israel, Russia is the world’s leading peacemaker.

Its geopolitical agenda adheres strictly to UN Charter principles and other international law. It promotes strengthening human rights internationally.

The Trump regime abandoned the Human Rights Council over its justifiable criticism of Israel — geopolitical know-nothing Nikki Haley calling the HRC “a cesspool of political bias (sic).”

MZ slammed the US, saying it’s unwilling “to act in the human rights field in the spirit of equal cooperation and search for constructive solutions in the interests of all states without exception.”

MZ discussed unacceptable EU sanctions on Russian officials and one of its entities over the Navalny novichok poisoning hoax.

Russian businessman Evgeniy Prigozhin was also sanctioned for allegedly destabilizing Libya and undermining the country’s security.

Ignored by the EU was its alliance with Obama regime war on the country in 2011 — transforming North Africa’s most developed and stable nation into a cauldron of endless violence and chaos to this day.

MZ: EU “reasoning” behind sanctioning Russia “does not stand up to scrutiny and is bordering on the absurd. Of course there is no mention of any real evidence.” 

“We consider the EU’s attempts to use the authority of the UN to cover up its unseemly political goals as absolutely unacceptable.”

Moscow warned the bloc that its unacceptable “intention to hold Russia responsible for (the Navalny incident) will be the litmus test of our further relations with the EU.” 

“Regrettably, our words went unheeded. These steps will not remain unanswered.”

Interviewed by Russia’s RIA Novosti on October 13, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass unacceptably called the invented Navalny poisoning “not…subject of relations between Russia and Germany (sic).”

MZ slammed him, saying his remark is “a tactical ploy that serves as a cover for a policy of undermining bilateral relations.”

Germany sold its soul to the US over this issue, the same true for the OPCW — lying in deference to a higher power against Russia.

“We unequivocally deny the statements that Heiko Maas has made publicly on more than one occasion about representatives of Russian executive authorities alleging that Navalny poisoned himself,” said MZ, adding:

“This is a pure lie. Nobody has ever made such a statement.” 

“We unambiguously perceive these words by the German foreign minister as a provocative move that oversteps the boundaries of propriety.”

Mass’ claim about wanting good relations maintained between Germany and Russia is belied by Berlin’s blaming Moscow for what it clearly had nothing to do with.

Mutual trust been the West and Russia was undermined repeatedly since the Soviet Union’s dissolution.

As long as EU countries partner with Washington’s imperial agenda, they can never be trusted.

MZ also slammed the OPCW’s Big Lie about what happened to Navalny — willfully and maliciously promoting anti-Russia mass deception about the incident.

What’s going on is obvious, said MZ. “(A)ccuse Russia of everything without any grounds and create an excuse for introducing new restrictions against us.”

As needed, Russia provides humanitarian aid to North Korea.

In response to damage from typhoons in August and September, Moscow sent 50,000 tons of wheat to aid the country in its time of need, MZ explained.

She commented on false charges by Norwegian authorities.

Without proof because none exists, they accused Russia of computer-related interference.

MZ: Failure to back accusations without evidence “can only mean that there is simply no evidence at all.” 

“If there was any then perhaps it would be somehow offered or at least described. Apparently, the evidence does not exist.” 

“Possibly, the goal is not to get to the bottom of the incident but to find another reason to cast blame on Russia and create a respective climate.”

Oslo is part of the US-constructed anti-Russia cabal.

It “decided to further undermine bilateral relations, which are already in a deplorable state…”

On weeks of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, initiated by Azerbaijan against Armenia, MZ said the following:

Russia urges both sides to “meet (and) coordinate a ceasefire verification mechanism.”

“As far as we are aware, no efforts have been taken towards this.”

A political resolution “is possible and necessary” through compromise between both sides.

Proposals on the table involve “gradual withdrawal of the sides’ armed forces from the districts in question with security guarantees, and the maintenance of reliable communications between (warring parties) until the region’s final status is agreed.”

Russia’s goal is to “stop the bloodshed, introduce a full ceasefire and launch negotiations.”

Turkey and Israel are fueling conflict by supplying large amounts of heavy weapons to Azerbaijan.

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