Media Coverup About Biden Family Sleaze

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Media Coverup About Biden Family Sleaze

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Unapologetic Biden press agent NYT defied reality, claiming no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe and Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine.

None suggests “that the former vice president improperly manipulated American policy toward Ukraine as a result of his son’s activities,” the Times misreported.

It ignored Biden’s public admission.

At the Council on Foreign Relations, he admitted blackmailing then-US installed Ukrainian president Poroshenko.

Without using the word, he told him that if Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin — probing Hunter Biden’s dubious dealings with Burisma Holdings — is not fired, you’re not getting the money” — referring to a US billion dollar loan guarantee for Kiev.

Biden added: “Well, son of a bitch. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time (sic).” 

His blackmail threat got the probe of son Hunter’s  involvement with Bursima’s dubious dealings  dropped.

Earlier the Times covered for Hunter’s questionable practices, saying the following:

Hunter admitted to “poor judgment” while denying an “ethical lapse,” calling the accusation “ridiculous.”

The Times claimed that “(t)here is no evidence that the elder Mr. Biden, while serving as vice president, improperly intervened to aid his son” — ignoring lots of it.

The CIA-linked Washington Post downplayed the NY Post’s expose, revealing damning information about the Bidens in Ukraine and with Chinese business interests — profiteering from the family name, notably from Joe Biden’s political influence.

WaPo pretended that NY Post reports are a non-issue,  saying the following:

“The Washington Post has not been able to independently verify or authenticate emails” in question, adding:

A Biden campaign spokesman said his schedule shows “no record” of a meeting relating to his son Hunter’s Burisma dealings.

As explained above, Biden admitted threatening Ukrainian president Poroshenko, demanding he kill the probe of his son’s dubious dealings with the company.

Hunter’s attorney George Mesires claimed that he and Joe Biden’s son know nothing about emails the NY Post published.

Dubious meetings the vice president was involved with were off-the-record, including what related to his son.

WaPo defied reality, saying “the New York Post repeat(ed) the falsehood…that the ‘elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.’ ”

He publicly admitted it. WaPo also reinvented Biden’s mandate in Ukraine, falsely saying:

He kept “close touch with the country’s president, Petro Poroshenko.” 

“Biden’s brief was to sweet-talk and jawbone Poroshenko into making reforms that Ukraine’s Western benefactors wanted to see as part of Ukraine’s escape from Russia’s orbit.”

Unexplained by WaPo was the Obama/Biden regime’s 2013-14 coup d’etat in Ukraine — replacing its democratically elected government with Nazi-infested fascist rule.

Ukraine became a US colony, controlled by hardliners in Washington, the country used as a dagger pointed at Russia’s heartland, how it operates today.

According to AP News, the FBI is probing Hunter Biden’s emails obtained by the NY Post.

It’s investigating whether they’re “part of a foreign influence operation” — suggesting Russia US election meddling no evidence ever suggested happened earlier or related to November 3 elections because none exists.

Reports like the above from the NYT, WaPo, AP News, and other establishment media aim to shift attention from scandalous Biden family wrongdoing to nonexistent Russian election to help Trump.

On Sunday, the NY Post said Joe Biden’s lead over Trump was negatively affected by the broadsheet’s report about the former vice president and his son.

Based on 2016 results — Trump defying long odds, based on poll numbers, by defeating media darling Hillary — is a November surprise coming?

Will Trump defeat Biden on November 3?

In early October, Vanity Fair called polls “utterly useless” to predict how the election will turn out.

According to Dem strategist Chris Kofinis, cited by Vanity Fair, pollsters were wrong in 2016.

Swing states matter most, not national polls. “What matters is the poll on election day,” he stressed.

Despite high negatives, Trump “figured out how to win in 2016…You can never say he’s dead.”

“He truly believes that” hell win. He rightly says “polling was wrong in 2016.”

So maybe it’s wrong again. Like Hillary in 2016, Biden looks sure to win the popular vote.

What matter is who carries key battleground states.

According to Kofinis, African-American turnout in 2016 was low.

If higher on November 3 along with mail-in ballots, Biden should be greatly advantaged.

If low as in 2016 or not high enough in key states, Trump could upset the odds again by winning.

While nationwide polls show Biden way ahead, results won’t likely be known election night when in-person voting ends — not until mail-in ballots are counted in key battleground states.

As things now stand, a Biden/Harris victory looks certain.

Maybe so, especially if turnout is high. But another election surprise is possible even though unlikely.

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