Russia Allied with Belarus Against US/Western Coup Plot

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October 2, 2020
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October 3, 2020

Russia Allied with Belarus Against US/Western Imperial Coup Plot

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Events in Belarus following President Alexander Lukashenko’s legitimate August 9 reelection are all about dark forces in Washington wanting the country transformed into a US vassal state.

Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko are allied to defeat the coup plot.

Both leaders spoke on Friday by phone.

They discussed steps taken by both nations “to promote bilateral cooperation in all areas, including interregional ties.” 

“The two presidents generally reaffirmed their shared intention to strengthen” the bilateral Russia/Belarus “alliance.”

They also addressed ongoing made-in-the-USA  “meddling” and results of “the 7th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, emphasiz(ing) a crucial role of direct contacts between regional authorities and enterprises in bilateral relations.”

Separately, Belarus’ Foreign Affairs Ministry announced new procedures for accrediting foreign media in the country — in light of intense US-led Western propaganda war on its government and sovereignty.

New rules for foreign journalist “will soon be published,” the ministry said, adding:

“We’ve carefully studied the experience of neighboring countries (Poland, Latvia, and other ones) and the countries that have traditionally positioned themselves as mainstays of free speech (France, for instance).” 

“We’ve taken into account recommendations of the OSCE and the Venice Commission.” 

“We’ve also taken into account individual critical remarks, including about the inability of the ministry’s accreditation commission to operate due to the epidemic situation.”

“Temporary accreditation can be obtained by digital means. Reporters can print out the temporary accreditation card on their own.” 

“The time the commission needs to consider applications has been reduced from 20 days to 5 days for temporary accreditations and from 2 months to 30 days for permanent accreditation.”

“Due to the enforcement of the new accreditation procedure the previously issued accreditations are officially invalidated as of 2 October 2020.” 

“We also intend to start accepting online applications on Monday morning.”

Western media propaganda slammed the procedural change.

Editor of Germany’s DW news said it’s “absurd (for) journalist(s)  who works for a foreign media organization (to) have their accreditation withdrawn and then reissued under new rules (sic) .”

US RadioFreeEurope/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) — part of its worldwide propaganda operation — said the following:

“The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has canceled the accreditations of all foreign journalists in the country, saying the move was made as part of a reforming of the country’s regulations and procedures for the media.”

RFE/RL propagandist-in-chief Daily Sindelar slammed the move, accusing Belarusian authorities of “harrass(ing) RFE/RL” propagandists.

She falsely called Lukashenko’s legitimate reelection “falsified,” adding that his new rules for media accreditation (show) that (his) government has no interest in giving (Belarusians) what they want (sic).”

Ignored by FRE/RL and other establishment media are restrictive practices on targeted foreign news operations and journalists by the US, UK, and other Western countries.

The Trump regime targeted RT America and Sputnik News in 2017, requiring the news organizations to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The FBI is charged with checking on any FARA violations.

Enacted in 1938 one year before WW II began, it requires agents representing foreign powers politically or quasi-politically to disclose their relationship with other governments, along with information about their activities and finances.

From 1938 until amended in 1966, enforcement focused on foreign propagandists, during WW II used in 23 criminal cases, the last time America had an enemy.

Since 1966, FARA focused on foreign lobbying instead of propaganda. From then to now, no one was convicted of violating the law.

Targeting RT America and Sputnik News is all about harassing both news organizations — violating FARA’s letter and spirit, perhaps prelude to banning them along with other truth-telling media that operate in the US. 

On Friday, the Treasury and State Departments announced unlawful Trump regime sanctions on Belarus, part of its ongoing war on the country by other means, its coup attempt to topple its legitimate government.

Pompeo explained them, saying:

“(I)n response to the continued, brutal repression of peaceful, pro-democracy protesters in Belarus (sic), the US and EU have taken coordinated action against Belarusian individuals involved in efforts to undermine Belarusian democracy (sic).”

A total of 25 Belarusian officials were illegally sanctioned.

Lukashenko and Central Election Commission Chair Yarmoshina were already sanctioned by the Bush/Cheney regime in 2006.

Pompeo lied called Belarus’ August 9 election results “falsifi(ed).”

Any property or other assets sanctioned Belarusian officials have in the West are frozen.

Their dealings with the US and other Western countries are prohibited. Visa restrictions were imposed.

EU foreign policy chief warned of further “restrictive measures if the situation does not improve (sic).”

Minsk announced reciprocal sanctions against the West without disclosing details so far.

Russia slammed the unlawful actions, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying:

“(W)e very negative about the sanctions policy…This is more a manifestation of weakness than strength.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also slammed the move, saying:

“Instead of playing a constructive role and helping to stabilize the situation in Belarus, the EU decided to follow the lead of individual member states, which are inclined to further ‘sway’ the internal political situation in Belarus.” 

“We regard this step as outright and impermissible pressure on the Belarusian authorities, which have been taking (legitimate) measures for the sake of domestic normalization.”

“We call on the EU to think about the dangerous consequences of such a line.” 

“We would also like to draw attention to the fact that in accordance with the allied commitments, the Belarusian reciprocal sanctions list, which came into force today, is automatically applied in Russia.”

Actions by the West against sovereign Belarus breach “the UN Charter and OSCE Final Act” — mandating noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The US and EU are serial offenders.

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