Russia’s Foreign Ministry Straight Talk on Key Issues

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October 11, 2020
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October 11, 2020

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Straight Talk on Key Issues

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Syria remains one of Washington’s forever wars, its long-suffering people gravely harmed by US aggression.

Many, maybe most Syrians will never again know their country as it was pre-war.

Hundreds of thousands were killed, wounded, and/or displaced.

Vast destruction of property will take years and tens of billions of dollars to restore.

US war in Syria joins countless others — preemptively waged by both wings of its war party — as one of history’s great crimes.

Alexander Kinshchak is Russia’s new envoy to Syria, his key mandate to be conflict resolution — a thankless job with none in prospect.

Commenting on the so-called Syrian chemical dossier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that it was “fabricated by (US-led) Western countries” and the imperial tool OPCW.

Damascus fully complied with SC Res. 2118 (September 2013) — requiring destruction of its chemical weapons.

The measure also prohibits military force, what’s raged in the country since early 2011 — preemptively launched by the Obama/Biden regime, an act of naked aggression on a nonbelligerent country threatening no one.

Days earlier at the UN, Russia’s envoy to the world body Vassily Nebenzia accused anti-Damascus dark forces of “Syria chemical dossier…foul play,” adding:

“(T)he OPCW…contribut(ed) its share to these fakes and fraud that surround the Syrian chemical file” — the organization’s credibility lost in the process, again for falsely claiming Navalny was poisoned by novichok.

MZ also explained that as SC president in October, Russia invited former OPCW director Jose Bustaini to address the SC on Syria’s elimination of its CWs.

He was ousted from his post by pressure from the US and its imperial partners in high crimes.

MZ: US-led “Western countries again showed reluctance to even listen to the unwanted assessments by this recognized professional and manipulated the situation procedurally to prevent those present from watching Jose Bustani’s video address.”

Russia rectified the injustice. Nebenzia recited his remarks in full to the SC, prefacing them by saying the following to Western SC members:

“I wonder if you realize in what ugly light you put yourselves in front of the global community (by) try(ing) to muffle objective facts.”

“Since you did not allow the former director general of the OPCW to speak, I will read his address…in my national capacity.” 

“(Y)ou will find it posted on our website shortly after the meeting.”

MZ noted that pro-war, anti-Syrian/Russian sovereignty “Euro-Atlantic allies in the OPCW…migrated to the UN Security Council platform.”

Commenting on the Navalny novichok poisoning hoax — what the UK, Germany, other EU countries and the OPCW know but won’t admit — MZ said Moscow demanded that Berlin share the full OPCW report on the dubious figure.

“This information, together with answers to (multiple) requests sent to Berlin by the Prosecutor-General’s Office of the Russian Federation, are needed to complete the pre-investigative inspections as required by Russian law and generally recognized criminal procedure norms in order to understand whether the situation with Navalny contains any possible evidence of crime.”

So far, Germany and the discredited OPCW stonewalled these requests.

As long as the unacceptable status quo continues, Moscow will know that what’s going on is “a pretext for increasing pressure on Russia through (illegal) sanctions.”

In response to Navalny’s meeting with UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions Agnes Callamard, and Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression Irene Khan, MZ said the following:

Moscow “ha(s) not been able to complete the procedural inspections (because) Germany, France and Sweden have not been willing to assist them in determining the circumstances of the events in a full, objective and comprehensive manner, as set forth in the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters of April 20, 1959 and additional protocols to it dated March 17, 1978 and November 8, 2001.”

“We consider behavior of this kind to be unacceptable and irresponsible.”

On behalf of her government, MZ expressed great concern about US plans to deploy first strike weapons in outer space — likely including nukes.

MZ: This threat is “fresh proof of the US’s aggressive policy in space.”

It’s “aimed at achieving military superiority and even total domination in space.”

“Repeated US statements on plans to deploy weapons in outer space and use it as a theater for combat operations are a direct continuation of the US doctrines in this sphere, which are set forth in the Defence Space Strategy and the Spacepower document of the US Space Command.”

As usual, US dark forces unjustifiably justify what’s intolerable with Big Lies — falsely claiming it’s responding to “alleged space threats” from Russia, China, and perhaps other countries.

No nations threaten US security. Its forever wars by hot and other means threaten humanity.

US war secretary Mark Esper is one of many neocon hardliners infesting Washington.

MZ slammed his hostile remarks about Russia, falsely accusing its ruling authorities of conducting “malign, coercive and predatory behavior which undermines African institutions.”

Claiming Moscow aims to “exploit resources throughout the region” while “expanding its authoritarian influence” explains longstanding US policy, not how the Kremlin operates. 

Claiming the US guarantees “a more secure, stable and prosperous Africa” is polar opposite reality worldwide.

The “fundamental difference between the policy of Russia and the US” is noninterventionism by Moscow v. polar opposite actions by Washington.

Its exploitive practices “to force (its) will on sovereign states have been rejected by the absolute majority of states,” said MZ.

African and other developing countries know “who supported them throughout the 20th century (Russia) and who…plunder(ed) them (hegemon USA).”

US dark forces work overtime inventing nonexistent enemies. Nonbelligerent China, Russia, and Iran top their list.

These countries and other independent ones on the US target list for regime change prioritize world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations.

Washington’s hegemonic agenda is polar opposite — waging forever wars on humanity by hot and other means for unchallenged dominance.

Because of its unacceptable actions, the US is increasingly reviled by most world community nations.

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