US Election 2020 Postmortems

US Election 2020 Postmortems

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to AP News pre-dawn Wednesday, House Dems won 185 seats to 178 for Republicans — another 72 to be decided, 218 needed for a majority.

Senate tallies so far show a 47 – 45 GOP advantage so far, another eight races to be decided.

AP has Biden ahead of Trump in the Electoral College count by 238 – 213 — 270 needed to win.

It may be days or longer before a winner is known. As noted “phosopher” Yogi Berra once said:

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Given Trump’s vow to contest results at the Supreme Court, it may not be over when it’s over until after a winner is declared or one of the two candidates concedes.

Throughout Trump’s tenure, notably during this year’s race for the White House, establishment media one-sidedly favored Biden — largely for the wrong reasons, ignoring the most important right ones.

Seeking revenge for Trump’s triumph over Hillary in 2016 — after giving her an 85% chance of winning — the NYT is especially hostile toward Trump, inventing reasons to bash him.

Calling Trump v. Biden/Harris “a nail-biter,” the Times (and other establishment media) maintain the myth of a US democratic process that doesn’t exist and never did throughout the nation’s history.

Hostile to Trump WaPo slammed him for prematurely declaring victory, asserting fraud, and vowing to contest results at the Supreme Court, adding:

“If there is violence, the president will stand culpable for inciting it.”

Maintaining the myth of “US democracy” like the Times, WaPo accused Trump of “threat(ening) to undermine” what doesn’t exist.

Unlike Times and WaPo endorsements for Biden/Harris over Trump, the Wall Street Journal was more neutral.

Post-election, it called the process “wrenching,” the nation sharply divided.

According to AP VoteCast polling for the Journal and other news organizations, 58% of women supported Biden/Harris, only 49% of men.

They’re on track to win the popular vote — Electoral College tallies too close to call so far. 

When tabulations are completed, turnout this year may be the highest in over a century.

According to a projection by Professor Michael McDonald, it’ll be around 67%.

In 2016, it was 55.7%. In presidential election years, it rarely ever reaches 60%.

Since James Monroe ran nearly unchallenged and was overwhelmingly elected US president in 1820, aspirants for the nation’s highest office won a 60% or more majority only four times:

In 1920, Warren Harding won by a 60.3% majority.

In 1936, Franklin Roosevelt got a 60.8% majority triumph. In four electoral victories, it was his only one with a 60% or greater margin.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson topped it by a 61.1% victory margin.

In 1972, Richard Nixon won by a 60% majority.

When final tallies are completed this year, the Trump v. Biden Electoral College result will likely be razor-thin.

Popular vote totals most likely will favor Biden by a smaller margin than most pre-election polls predicted.

On the day after election 2020, the result for the nation’s highest office remains up for grabs as expected.

Most likely, it’ll be days or longer before a winner is known.

Will the Supreme Court have final say as in 2000?

What was unimaginable then pre-election may happen again this year.

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