Media Conspiracy for Biden/Harris Over Trump

Media Conspiracy for Biden/Harris Over Trump

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Readers of my articles know I’ve been a sharp Trump critic throughout his time in office.

He broke virtually every positive promise made while campaigning and in his inaugural address.

Like most of his predecessors, he’s exclusively served privileged interests at the expense of peace, stability, the rule of law, public health and welfare.

He continued US hot wars in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria, along with waging them by other means on China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and other nations — independent ones unwilling to surrender their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington.

There’s virtually nothing positive about his time in office, including having surrounded himself with a rogue’s gallery of right-wing extremists.

That said, handing Election 2020 to pro-dirty business as usual/now cognitively and physically impaired shill for powerful interests Biden (and advocate for prosecutorial injustice Harris) by brazen election fraud demands exposure, denunciation, and reversal.

The latter is highly unlikely. Based on events in the run-up to Election 2020 and its aftermath, the books appear cooked for Biden/Harris over Trump.

Brazen election fraud to claim they won an election they lost is overwhelmingly supported by establishment media.

In the US and West overall, the fourth estate long ago lost credibility.

Operating as a collective mouthpiece for powerful interests, coverage of US Election 2020 put an exclamation point on their abandonment of journalism the way it’s supposed to be — featuring state-approved propaganda exclusively.

Throughout the post-WW II period, the US plotted and conducted numerous coup attempts to topple foreign governments — some succeeding, others failing.

Since 2000 in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and elsewhere, US color revolutions (coup attempts in new form) targeted sovereign independent governments for elimination.

The same thing happens at home, brazen red, white, and blue revolutions — earlier and in modern times, notably Election 2000 for Bush/Cheney and Election 2020 for Biden/Harris.

Their common thread is declaring losers winners, the popular will overturned.

Instead of setting the record straight, establishment media are stumbling all over themselves to anoint losers Biden/Harris victors over Trump who deserves reelection based on a popular majority if illegally counted ballots are tossed out.

The long ago disgraced self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind NYT spent the last four years seeking revenge for Trump’s triumph over media darling Hillary.

Supporting election fraud for Biden/Harris over Trump, its editors pretended that fake November 3 results reflect the popular will.

“Trump’s four-year assault on our democratic institutions and values will soon end,” they roared.

The US is a plutocracy, a kleptocracy, a totalitarian autocracy — never a democracy throughout its history, never created to be one, a notion its ruling class abhors and tolerates nowhere, especially not domestically.

Claiming Trump “did his best to undermine the nation’s democratic foundations” ignored what never existed and surely don’t now.

CIA-connected WaPo headlined:

“Thank you, America (sic). Our democracy has proved its resilience in electing Joe Biden (sic).”

He and Harris were selected, clearly not elected.

WaPo: Trump is “doing his best to delegitimize Mr. Biden’s victory with groundless lawsuits and bogus allegations of election theft (sic).”

Fact: Most often wrong on most issues, DJT is right on this one.

Election 2020 if rife with brazen fraud, losers Biden/Harris declared winners — triumphing the old-fashioned way by grand theft.

WaPo: “Biden is exceptionally qualified to heal a deeply divided nation (sic).”

Fact: Because of his cognitive and physical impairment, a double impersonated him in so-called “debates” with Trump and at other public events.

In a previous article I asked whether Biden or his double will take the oath of office on inauguration day if election theft 2020 holds up, what’s most likely.

WaPo: “Voters should expect (Biden) to live up to his promises (sic).”

Fact: What he’s rarely if ever done throughout a near-half century as senator and vice president, he surely won’t do as head of state if takes office in January. 

WaPo: “Biden’s victory (sic) and…Trump’s defeat (sic) is a testament to the resilience of American democracy (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about my response to the above rubbish. Readers can fill in their own blanks.

Police state America’s war on humanity at home and abroad remains unchanged no matter which right wing of the one-party state controls the White House, Congress, and/or the courts.

Even Wall Street Journal editors support Biden’s fantasy triumph over Trump.

At the same time, his opponents are wrong, they said, falsely “warning that he is a would-be Hitler who would stage an American Reichstag fire (Yale professor Timothy Snyder) or slowly extinguish political freedom” by refusing to step down.

He’s pursuing legitimate legal challenges to reverse election fraud in key swing states.

While his chances of overturning results are slim (because dark forces appear against him), he’s right in pursuing this course.

He didn’t lose to Biden. Things were rigged to install a loser in office as president, denying Trump reelection.

If illegally cast ballots are tossed out, that’s how Election 2020 would turn out — what anti-Trump establishment media suppress.

To their credit, Journal editors explained that Dems and some Republicans “refused to accept (DJT’s 2016) election as legitimate…”

Pelosi and other hardline Dems went all-out to “undermine his ability to govern” — including a failed impeachment attempt for illegitimate reasons.

Journal editors called war on Trump throughout his tenure by Dems and others “the dirtiest trick in American presidential history.” 

“These elites only trust democracy (sic) when they dominate it.”

Yet the Journal pretends that Dems “didn’t win this election so much as Mr. Trump lost it.”

Election 2020 was stolen — losers Biden/Harris declared victorious over winner Trump.

It’s not the first time losers were declared winners in US presidential and other elections.

As in other banana republics, election theft is common practice.

It’s longstanding in the US since the republic’s early days.

Today it’s done with electronic ease, modern-day ballot box stuffing, and other dirty tricks.

There’s nothing remotely democratic about US governance of, by, and for privileged elites over the general welfare.

That’s been the American way from inception — why voting when elections are held assure continuity, not governance for everyone equitably.

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