Media Genuflect to Biden/Harris Over Trump

Media Genuflect to Biden/Harris Over Trump

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s disturbing to follow. Like lemmings on the same page, they support America’s money-controlled political process, an exploitive/destructive system, a machine for crushing the human spirit worldwide.

Not all the time but too much of the time when US elections are held, losers are declared winners, and not just for president.

What deep state power elites want, they get. It’s their call on who’s selected for high places, voters left out of the picture entirely.

In 2016, powerful interests were divided between Trump and Hillary. He won. She lost.

This time around, they appear united or predominantly for Biden/Harris.

He’s cognitively and physically impaired, fading toward becoming dysfunctional, requiring a double to impersonate him in public appearances because he can’t get his facts straight or complete a sentence without bumbling and stammering.

She’s an advocate for prosecutorial injustice. Together, they’re for what Adam Smith called “the defense of the rich against the poor,” what Michael Parenti called “democracy for the few” — what’s true of all ruling US regimes.

It’s the American way, how it’s been from inception in a nation where privilege alone is served, others exploited so wealth and power interests benefit their expense.

When the dust settled in 2000 and 2004, US voters elected Al Gore and John Kerry president respectively.

Yet Bush/Cheney served two terms in office — despite losing both races.

Election 2020 appears playing out in similar fashion. Biden/Harris lead Trump by modern-day ballot box stuffing — counting ineligible votes, enough to push them over the top to an Electoral College majority.

If Trump’s team has verifiable evidence of election fraud in key swing states, enough to turn defeat into victory, taking his case to the courts, it’ll only matter with enough deep state support — similar to what he got in 2016.

If behind the scenes power elites oppose him, he’ll leave office in January, a one-term president — even if he legitimately triumphed over Biden/Harris.

That’s how things always worked in America. Powerful interests decide things. Ordinary people have no say over how the nation is run and by whom. 

Nor do sitting presidents if dark forces turn on them — including all the way by assassination at times.

Press agent for Biden/Harris NYT reinvented how they were declared winners — ignoring fourth estate propaganda, notably its own, one-sidedly supporting them.

According to the Times, Biden “campaigned as a sober and conventional presence, concerned about the ‘soul of the country (sic).’ ” 

Throughout his political life since the early 1970s, Biden cared only about what benefitted him, his family and cronies, the soul of the country and its people be dammed.

At least late in the race and when going head-to-head with Trump in so-called debates, a look-alike double impersonated him.

If Biden is inaugurated president in January, will his double take the oath of office and perform his duties?

Will the real Joe Biden be kept under wraps because he’s become too cognitively and physically dysfunctional to serve?

Plots of at least two Hollywood films involved doubles impersonating presidents — Richard Dreyfuss in Moon Over Parador abroad and Kevin Kline in Dave domestically.

Fiction on the silver screen is one thing, real life something different altogether.

The notion of a double impersonating Biden for the next four years if he’s declared winner next month, will make democracy in America more fantasy-like than already.

Saying Biden won for “correctly judg(ing) the character of the country” belies a figure heading toward losing it altogether because of physical and mental decline.

At this moment in time, he’s neither winner or loser of the race for the White House — that choice made by Electoral College electors next month, followed by congressional and National Archives’ representatives in January.

What deep state dark forces want, they rubber-stamp. Things always turn out this way.

The Times claiming Biden waged “a patriotic crusade to reclaim the American government from” an incumbent president belies a physical and mental wreck of a man — perhaps unfit to care for his needs without help.

When on the stump in the flesh, even the self-styled newspaper of record admitted that his campaign wasn’t “inspirational…nor the most daring, nor the most agile”— nor the most coherent, compelling, or moving to convince voters for support, the Times failed to add.

Based on what’s known so far, Biden didn’t topple Trump. He may have come out on top the old-fashioned way — by electoral theft, not winning majority support fair and square.

Throughout the campaign since nominated by Dem power brokers to now and looking ahead, press agent for the former vice president Times keeps reinventing the measure of the man — concealing his dark side and growing inability to function in any public capacity.

Why else would he need a double?

Voters may have “sized up” and supported his mysterious other, not the true measure of the man.

The real Joe Biden is a shadow of what he once was long ago.

If declared winner over Trump and takes office in January, odds are great that Harris will replace him long before his term is up.

Is that what deep state dark forces in cahoots with Dems against Trump planned all along?

The fullness of time will explain what’s perhaps guesswork post-election.

However things turn out, ordinary Americans will lose out like most often before.

So will world peace and stability in favor of greater US wars of aggression than already.

The best of times are off the table whether Dems or Republicans run things.

Protracted worst of times are virtually assured ahead no matter who’s inaugurated president in January or controls Congress.

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