Straight Talk by Russian Officials

Straight Talk by Russian Officials

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Worlds apart from their forked-tongue US-led Western and Israeli counterparts, straight talk candor by Russian officials is refreshing.

Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov discussed peace-building and sustaining it over endless US-led Western wars on invented enemies during a virtual Security Council session.

Stressing no alternative “to solidarity, cooperation, responsible conduct and mutual assistance,” he lamented that “not all countries share this approach” — notably US-led Western ones and Israel.

The US and key partners in high crimes prioritize “their own egoistical mercenary interests.” 

“The practice of unilateral sanctions is being applied ever more broadly, which is hampering” the ability of targeted nations to provide for their people.

Urging a “global ceasefire” falls on deaf ears in the West and Israel whenever sought — their ruling regimes prioritizing warmaking by hot and other means.

Ravaged countries yearning for peace need world community aid.

“It is alarming that increasingly frequent attempts are being made to establish universal ‘indicators’ of conflicts that open opportunities for abuse and interference in internal affairs with a view to bringing pressure to bear on (targeted) governments,” said Lavrov.

Separately, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia slammed fake news reports by the pro-Western OPCW’s so-called fact-finding mission in Syria (FFM).

It falsely and “predictably accuse(d) Syria of” noncompliance, a bald-faced Big Lie.

Complying with pro-Western orders, it demanded that Damascus “do the impossible.”

Knowing its chemical weapons were entirely eliminated years ago, it gave Syrian authorities 90 days to declare what doesn’t exist, including previously destroyed CW facilities.

Nebenzia: “No OPCW inspection since 2013 has been able to prove the opposite.”

Its current demand is harassment, an action Russia rejects.

No evidence showed use of CWs by Syrian forces throughout years of US launched aggression on the country — what CIA/Pentagon recruited jihadists used many times against Syrian troops and civilians.

The same goes for pro-Western White Helmets, elements allied with jihadists, masquerading as civil defense workers.

Nebenzia: “Logic (isn’t) part of the (West’s) toolbox.”

“Otherwise they would have to admit that conclusions on a number of high-profile cases of alleged CW use, baselessly ascribed to Syria (and, since recently, also to Russia) do not reconcile with” facts on the ground.

Nebenzia also slammed UN secretary general Guterres for unacceptably pointing fingers at Syria, falsely saying “individuals (in the country) responsible for the use of chemical weapons must be held accountable” — knowing no use of CWs by Syrian forces at any time during years of conflict.

Guterres is a Western imperial tool, a disgraced figure, used by its dark forces against targeted countries and their officials — while ignoring the highest of US, NATO, Israeli crimes of war and against humanity.

Like most of his predecessors, he lacks legitimacy by disgracing the office he holds.

No matter what Syria and other nations on the US target list for regime change do or don’t do, they’re consistently and falsely blamed for high crimes committed against them by the West and/or Israel.

Knowing the answer, Nebenzia asked anyway why Guterres “connive(s)” with the US and West.

Obviously it’s because he was appointed to serve their interests — ignoring his sworn mandate he breached long ago after taking office.

Nebenzia: Time and again, Western countries “fabricat(e)” CW accusations to “punish” targeted countries like Syria.

As for the OPCW, it long ago lost credibility. It should be disbanded, its officials sacked, an independent chemical watchdog replacing it.

As long as the OPCW exists, it’ll continue being a Western imperial tool — used to falsely blame targeted countries for CW offenses they had nothing to do with.

Nebenzia put it this way: “Proof of manipulations and falsifications in (OPCW) reports have become too numerous to ignore.”

Its “integrity” no longer exists.

As for Russia on the world stage, its ruling authorities “stand up for objective investigations and oppose disinformation and blatant lies” — from the West and its OPCW imperial tool.

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