NYT Press Agent Coverage for Biden/Harris Continues Post-Election

NYT Press Agent Coverage for Biden/Harris Continues Post-Election

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Anyone aware of Election 2020 shenanigans knows that Trump defeated Biden/Harris — not the other way around as establishment media falsely reported.

Notably on Monday night, Real Clear Politics (RCP) stripped Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes from the Biden/Harris count — withdrawing their president and vice president-elect status.

RCP lowered their count to 259 — 11 below the 270 majority needed to win.

Will it do the same thing in Michigan, Wisconsin, and perhaps other states because of election fraud too obvious to ignore?

Since Trump announced his candidacy for president in June 2015, the NYT one-sidedly opposed him.

On the same day back then, the Times headlined: “Donald Trump, Pushing Someone Rich, Offers Himself,” saying:

He “brandish(ed) his wealth and fame as chief qualifications in an improbable quest for the Republican nomination” — calling his entry into the presidential race a “disruptive presence.”

Times coverage of Trump from then to now has been all downhill.

Inventing ways to bash him, legitimate reasons have been largely ignored — because most other Republicans and Dems operate the same way on key domestic and foreign policy issues.

His bluster, bravado, and other outspokenness aside, Trump as president pursued dirty business as usual like at least most of his predecessors. 

Times fury against him stems from his unorthodox way of doing things and defeat of media darling Hillary in 2016.

From November 2016 to the present day, the Times (and most other establishment media) sought revenge.

Ignoring brazen Election 2020 fraud — typical of how banana republics operate — the Times hailed loser Biden (fraudulently declared winner) “our next president.”

While earlier US presidential elections were decided by fraud, perhaps never before was it as brazen and obvious as this time around.

When winning margins materialize out of thin air in the dead of night — 100% for one presidential aspirant over the other — it’s clear to anyone paying attention that dirty tricks were involved.

When nearly or virtually all establishment media cheerlead the ruse — disgracing them in the process — notably the self-styled newspaper of record NYT, the state of the nation’s political process, and fourth estate, sank to a new low.

In its daily pre-and-post-election editions, the Times delivered a tsunami of pro-Biden/Harris puff pieces, ignoring their public records of shame — while one-sidedly bashing Trump for invented reasons.

In its latest edition, the Times continued to reinvent Biden, ignoring the true measure of the man.

The Times: “Biden ran one of the humblest (ever) presidential campaigns (sic).”

“He claimed victory with…humility (sic).”

What the Times called his “sweepingly ambitious goals” include ones never before pursued throughout his public life that’s been entirely focused on serving privileged interests exclusively.

With most Republicans and Dems on the same page on issues mattering most, dirty business as usual will continue ahead as most often throughout US history.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Times pretends otherwise — betraying readers, not informing them.

Given Biden’s cognitive and physical impairment, will Harris and/or other key Dems run things, not him?

When public appearances are made, will it be Biden or his double, the figure who went head-to-head with Trump in so-called “debates” — because the real Joe Biden is too gaffe-prone?

Will the term figurehead have new meaning in the modern era with him as US president?

Will he be kept under wraps, a double representing him in public, other Dems running the White House?

Will historians one day call Biden’s tenure the surreal presidency?

The Times: Biden as president won’t “rule. (He’ll) govern…humbl(y) (sic).”

The right question to ask is will the real Joe Biden show up publicly, or will he be kept under wraps, hidden from view?

One thing’s for sure. Reporting by establishment media on Biden/Harris going forward will be worlds apart different from how they covered Trump — inventing images they want portrayed about both figures.

They pummeled Trump without letup throughout his time in office.

Based on coverage of Biden/Harris so far, they won’t lay a glove on them ahead — no matter how greatly they betray ordinary people while serving privileged ones exclusively.

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