CIA Collaborator Navalny Poisoned by Germany?

CIA Collaborator Navalny Poisoned by Germany?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Now living in Germany, Sergey Lavrov said the following about longtime CIA collaborator Alexey Navalny:

“We have all grounds to believe that everything that happened to him regarding military-grade toxic substances entering his system, may have happened in Germany or aboard a plane where he was loaded on and taken to (Berlin’s) Charite clinic,” adding:

“Questions emerge about what individuals, besides doctors, were aboard this plane.”

“This is also an interesting subject for discussion yet probably having to do not so much with the medical issues, but rather with who could have been implicated in this story beyond the immediate medical circles.”

After Navalny fell ill while airborne on August 20, his flight diverted in Omsk Russia for immediate treatment.

As explained in earlier articles, Russian doctors saved his life and stabilized his condition for transport to Berlin.

While hospitalized in Omsk, tests found no evidence of a novichok nerve agent or other toxins in his system.

Russian doctors attributed his illness to a metabolic disorder.

Clearly, Moscow had nothing to do with what happened. Claims otherwise by German and OPCW officials were fabricated.

So was an earlier statement by former CIA chief of Russian operations Steven Hall, saying the following:

“There’s no doubt whatsoever” that what happened to Navalny was approved at the highest levels in Moscow (sic).

“This is the way Vladimir Putin does things. And he does it both inside of Russia and outside of Russia (sic).”

“This is the way” the CIA, US intelligence community overall, and Pentagon operate worldwide — not Russia.

Hard evidence proves the former, none about these type operations by Moscow.

Fabricated German and OPCW accusations about Russian responsibility for Navalny’s illness did considerable damage to bilateral relations and with the pro-Western chemical lapdog.

On Thursday, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebezia said he may initiate discussion about the Navalny incident in the Security Council.

“The conversation will not be very pleasant” for Merkel’s government and OPCW collaborators with falsely blaming Russia for what it had nothing to do with, said Nebenzia.

In response to unacceptable German and French-led EU sanctions of Russian officials for the Navalny incident, Moscow will retaliate in kind, Sergey Lavrov saying:

“Since Germany was the driving force behind the European Union’s sanctions connected to Navalny, since these sanctions directly concern senior staff of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, our response sanctions will mirror them.”

Earlier, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement accused Germany of “thwart(ing)” collaboration with Moscow on the Navalny incident, adding:

“The unconstructive approach by the German authorities is accompanied by groundless accusations against Russia. The massive misinformation campaign that has been unleashed clearly demonstrates that the primary objective pursued by its masterminds is to mobilize support for sanctions, rather than to care for Alexei Navalny’s health or establish the true reasons for his admission to hospital.”

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