US Coup d’Etat Presidential Election

US Coup d’Etat Presidential Election

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If Biden/Harris succeed Trump on January 20, they’ll be president and vice president-selected, not elected.

That’s the disturbing reality of Election 2020.

Illegitimate by systemic fraud, it won’t be the first, and surely not the last, time that losers of US elections were declared winners.

Throughout US history, it happened time and again at the federal, state, and local levels.

It shows that monied interests and other power brokers chose winners and losers, not voting-age Americans.

They have no say over how the US is run or by whom, no say as well over who benefits and who’s left out.

“Democracy” in America is pure fantasy, how it’s always been by design from inception.

Establishment media promote the fiction of a free, fair, and open process — manipulating the public mind instead of reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Clear evidence shows that Election 2020 was rigged for Biden/Harris over Trump.

In a November 13 report titled “WE CAUGHT THEM,” Gateway Pundit explained the following:

Election 2020 results key swing state Pennsylvania Trump won in 2016 were “fraudulent because they are nearly statistically impossible,” adding:

On election night after polls closed, Trump led Biden/Harris “by nearly 700,000 votes,” a virtually “insurmountable lead.”

The next day, DJT lead by a 56% – 43% margin.

“According to Pennsylvania’s election returns website, on election day…Trump won nearly two thirds of all votes cast in the state” — a landslide margin.

Yet Biden/Harris did the near-impossible. State election authorities claimed they won after an unreported number of mail-in ballots were counted.

For three days post-election, ballots arriving late were included in the count.

What happened defied “Pennsylvania’s constitution which states that the voting process is to be determined by the legislature.”

State law prohibits the procedure followed. Rules were changed for Election 2020.

Despite an election-day landslide for Trump, state authorities claimed he only won about 20% of mail-in votes.

It gets worse.

Gateway Pundit: Trump “won two thirds of the Election Day vote.”  

Except for “Philadelphia, (he) won around 80% of the (in-person) vote in each county in the state.”

“In almost every county throughout the state, (he) was awarded a percent of votes 40% less than the percent (he) won on election day.”

The pattern was almost the same in “every county (except) Philadelphia” where he only got “30%” of the election day total.

Consistent results in the state’s 67 counties — except for Philadelphia — were “almost” statistically impossible.

It never happened before in the state, maybe never again. The pattern was unlike results in previous US presidential elections.

“It is clear that corrupt (Dems) in Pennsylvania did all they could to steal the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden,” said Gateway Pundit.  

“There was no excitement for the Biden campaign and there still isn’t.”

He and Harris didn’t win Pennsylvania. State election authorities stole it from Trump.

Note: Judicial Watch head Tom Fitton reported that “(i)n PA there are more people voting than are registered to vote,” adding:

An “electoral coup” occurred on November 3.

According to Judicial Watch data, “many states report(ed) voter registration rates above 100%” of registered voter totals. 

“(A)cross America…voter (rolls) are filthy in terms of having more people on the(m) than are eligible to vote.”

As of September 2020, “335 US counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens.”

For Election 2020, “vote totals are changing because of unprecedented, extraordinary, illicitly secretive, and inherently suspect counting AFTER” polls closed.

In a follow-up report, Gateway Pundit said “WE CAUGHT THEM” in Michigan.

Dems “stole the battleground states,” including Michigan. Fraud occurred there similar to what happened in Pennsylvania.

In “three major (Michigan) counties, Trump’s margin was reduced by a minimum of 138,000 votes.”

“The transfer was done by a computer algorithm that linearly transferred the votes from Trump to Biden.”

The “vote transfer was greater in Republican precincts than” Dem ones.

“Tens of thousands of votes were transferred” this way — from Trump to Biden/Harris.

Similar evidence is likely to surface in other swing states if independent analysis is conducted.

According to an report, Georgia’s recount is “being conducted with as little respect for transparency as the original vote count.”

In Georgia and other states, millions of ballots were mailed “to anyone on the voter registers” — including former state residents and deceased ones, maybe non-registered voters as well.

In Dem-run states, “voting became as easy and as vulnerable to fraud as going to a shopping mall, filling out names on slips of paper” for almost anything, including for someone else.

The Georgia recount is doing “nothing” to correct this fraud.

Most likely, the same is true in unknown numbers of other states.

The bottom line is that US elections lack legitimacy.

Ballots can be counted, discarded, or shifted to someone else — including by electronic ease for in-person voting.

Swing states for Biden that Trump won in 2016 likely turned out this way.

When election procedures are suspect, legitimacy of results is absent.

In election 2020, Trump got more votes than any other GOP presidential candidate in US history, more than his own 2016 total — including in unlikely places like New York city.

He drew huge crowds for campaign rallies compared to sparse ones for Biden.

Despite evidence of significant election fraud in key swing states as discussed above and in previous articles, establishment media across the board and DHS pretended that none occurred.

Do your own fact-checking. Judge for yourself.

Independent historians one day will likely explain that Biden/Harris were declared winners of Election 2020 they lost to Trump.

As things now stand, that’s likely how the race for the White House will turn out.

Popular sentiment in most states, including key swing ones, and Trump both lost.

So did the notion of a free, fair, and open process.

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