Biden/Harris Regime’s War Cabinet Taking Shape

Biden/Harris Regime’s War Cabinet Taking Shape

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Throughout most of the post-WW II period, permanent war on invented enemies has been official US policy.

Since Woodrow Wilson involved the US in WW I, Dems have been notoriously more belligerent than Republicans — Bush I, II, and Dick Cheney major exceptions. 

Unlike most other Dems, Jack Kennedy transformed himself from a warrior to peacemaker.

He opposed Pax Americana, supported nuclear disarmament, normalization with Soviet Russia, and respect for Palestinian rights.

For these and other reasons, the CIA eliminated him on November 22, 1963.

Pro-war Lyndon Johnson replaced him. A decade of Southeast Asia quagmire followed.

Throughout his time as US senator and vice president, Biden was notoriously pro-war.

He’s expected to surround himself with a cadre of right-wing hawks.

Former third-ranking US war department official, its highest-ever-ranking woman, co-founder of the neocon Center for a New American Security (CNAS), war OF terror backer Michelle Flournoy is expected to be named Biden/Harris regime war secretary.

According to Bloomberg News on 

Sunday, Tony Blinken — longtime Biden foreign policy advisor — is expected to be named the likely incoming regime’s secretary of state.

He, Flournoy, and Joe Biden backed all US new millennium preemptive wars on nonbelligerent nations threatening no one.

Perpetual war on the phony pretext of supporting world peace and stability appears to be taking shape as one of the centerpieces of the presumptive Biden/Harris regime’s geopolitical agenda.

Wars by other means against China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and other nations unwilling to subordinate their sovereign rights to US interests are also likely to continue endlessly.

Blinken and Flournoy co-founded political strategy firm WestExec.

He was Vice President Biden’s national security advisor from 2009 to 2013.

He was Obama/Biden regime’s deputy national security advisor from 2013 to 2015.

From 2015 – 2017, he was deputy  secretary of state.

Time and again he argued for “tough diplomacy.” If unable to achieve compliance with US demands, he said “military action is possible.”

An advocate of American exceptionalism (sic), the indispensable nation (sic), he said the following weeks earlier:

“On leadership, whether we like it or not, the world just doesn’t organize itself.” 

The US always “played a lead role in doing a lot of that organizing, helping to write the rules, to shape the norms and animate the institutions that govern relations among nations.” 

“When we’re not engaged, when we don’t lead, then one or two things is likely to happen.” 

“Either some other country tries to take our place – but probably not in a way that advances our interests or values – or no one does.”

“And then you get chaos or a vacuum filled by bad things before it’s filled by good things. Either way, that’s bad for us.” 

Pre-election he said if Biden is elected, “(t)he first thing is we have to dig out from a strategic deficit that (Trump) has put us in,” adding:

The incumbent “helped China advance its own key strategic goals.”

A Dem regime will “step up…Taiwan’s” defensive capabilities.

“We need to focus on readiness for whatever may come.”

On US relations with Israel, he said the Biden/Harris regime “would not tie military assistance to Israel to any political decisions that it makes, period, full stop.” 

Support for its apartheid rule, occupation and theft of Palestinian land, along with cross-border hostilities will continue unchanged.

Last summer, Blinken said Biden (if elected) will use the JCPOA “as a platform to try to build a stronger and longer deal working with (US) partners,” adding:

E3 countries and Brussels are “likely to join us in trying to curb other actions by Iran that we find objectionable.”

Biden advisor Jake Sullivan called it “impractical to think that the United States will provide significant sanctions relief without assurances that Iran will immediately begin negotiations on a follow-on (JCPOA) agreement that at least extends the timelines of the deal and addresses issues of verification and intercontinental ballistic missiles (sic).”

According to Bloomberg, he’s expected to be named presumptive Biden/Harris national security advisor.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield reportedly will be named UN envoy.

He and Blinken were involved in earlier JCPOA negotiations that produced the landmark agreement. 

Now it appears they want it hardened, notably to include restrictions on Iran’s legitimate missile program.

Under the UN Charter and other international law, the right of self-defense is inviolable.

Iran’s military, its missiles and other weapons development are solely for defense, not offense.

The country is the region’s leading proponent of peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations.

Its anti-war geopolitical agenda stands in sharp contrast to US, NATO, Israeli belligerence.

Hardline US policies toward Iran are expected to continue at least largely unchanged if Biden/Harris succeed Trump.

In public remarks and op-eds, Blinken supports the Russiagate hoax, earlier saying:

Trump’s “collusion with Russia’s plans is really striking (sic).”

Putin “managed to sow doubt about our electoral system (sic).” 

“He managed to help defeat the candidate that he despised, Hillary Clinton (sic).” 

“He managed to get the first national security adviser adviser (John Bolton) fired (sic).”

“Every step along the way, either knowingly or not, wittingly or not (Trump) has aided and abetted this effort at delegitimizing our institutions and our leaders (sic).”

Whenever hostile claims are made about Russia and other independent nations on the US target list for regime change, supportive evidence is absent — rendering them baseless.

Note: Bloomberg reported that Biden chief of staff Ron Klain said initial cabinet announcements will likely be made on Tuesday.

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