Thanksgiving Day Deception by the NYT

Thanksgiving Day Mass Deception by the NYT

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

As mandated by Times management and editors, managed news misinformation and disinformation is standard practice daily — even on holidays.

At a time of state-sponsored covid and economic collapse, a time of human deprivation and misery for millions of Americans, the Times mocked them, claiming “Thanksgiving is a celebration of freedom (sic).”

There’s no thanks for Thanksgiving — no celebration of freedom — at a time of mass unemployment, growing food insecurity, potential evictions for millions of families, and desperation facing more households than ever before in US history.

Food banks nationwide are overwhelmed by unprecedented demand for help, ability to provide it not keeping pace with growing demand.

Stunning photos show endless lines beyond what’s visible, people waiting hours for whatever help they can get — while Congress and the White House do nothing to provide it.

Millions of US households lack enough food to eat daily for inadequate or no income to buy it.

Small businesses are disappearing for too few customers to produce enough revenue to stay solvent.

As part of a cyclical small family business from the late 1960s through 1999, I and colleagues endured hard times during several recessions.

We hunkered down, cut expenses, management going off salaries, managed as best we could, and survived because storms weren’t long-lasting.

Under today’s conditions, likely to be protracted, we’d have collapsed along with the economy for most people — never again to resume operations.

We were lucky, remaining solvent until selling the firm to a larger one, then retiring from formal working life.

I was doubly lucky to have found a second career, a pro bono one more rewarding than anything before in my life, still at it in my 9th decade.

When over one-fourth of working-age Americans are jobless, most others employed earning poverty wages with few or no benefits, there’s nothing celebratory about Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday periods in these desperate times.

With conditions worsening, not improving, the hardest of hard times in US history may go on indefinitely for countless millions of ordinary people — exploited, not served, by the nation’s ruling class.

Instead of featuring daily reports on what’s going on — no punches pulled — along with advocating for large-scale aid only the federal government can provide, the Times praised advocate of neoliberal harshness Janet Yellen— appointed by the incoming Biden regime to be Treasury secretary.

When assuming office in late January, she’ll repeat her anti-populist wrecking ball agenda, what she prioritized as Fed chairman — serving privileged interests exclusively by exploiting most others.

If engineered economic collapse is protracted, the dystopian new normal, tens of millions of US households will be reduced to poverty and virtual serfdom.

Hunger, homelessness, overall deprivation, and despair will reach never before imagined levels — in the world’s richest country, the worst of times to come.

Thanksgiving 2020 is a time to mourn, not celebrate.

It’s a time for mass activism, demanding governance of, by, and for everyone equitably — polar opposite today’s rapaciousness.

What the Times and other establishment ignore and suppress is what’s most important to feature daily.

Along with failing to advocate for the rights of all Americans, not just the privileged few, the Times maintains the myth of a Biden/Harris election triumph in daily editions.

In its latest edition, it once again mocked hard evidence of election-rigging for the challengers over the incumbent.

Calling it “baseless (sic),” it turned reality on its head a second time, referring to America as “the world’s foremost democracy (sic).”

With plenty of legitimate reasons to bash Trump — notably his high crimes of war and against humanity, betraying the public trust, and a whole lot more — the Times instead invents things to demean and otherwise attack him.

At the same time, it buried the worst of the Biden/Harris public record, while reinventing an illegitimate incoming regime that will likely inflict enormous harm on countless millions of people at home and abroad worldwide.

The Times and other establishment media find new ways to disgrace themselves almost daily.

Operating as gatekeepers for powerful interests, they systematically suppress what’s most important for everyone to know.

On Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the year, I anguish over growing human deprivation and despair, over human suffering at the hands of the US ruling class and their imperial partners in high crimes.

I dread what may lie ahead — a lost decade and beyond, a growing US underclass, a militarized ruler/serf society, a lower level of hell Dante forgot.

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