Myth of an Iranian Nuclear Threat

Myth of an Iranian Nuclear Threat

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Based on what’s known so far, Israeli dirty hands were all over the assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Perhaps the CIA was complicit with Mossad for what happened.

US intelligence was clearly aware of the plot in advance. Fakhrizadeh was long on the Zionist regime’s hit list for elimination.

His assassination was all about wanting Iran to retaliate in a way that would draw the Trump regime into attacking the country militarily.

It was also a plot to try preventing Biden/Harris from rejoining the JCPOA when they take over next year.

It was unrelated to Iran’s nuclear program. US and Israeli intelligence, IAEA monitors, and establishment media know Iranian nuclear activities have no military component.

They never did and no evidence suggests an Iranian intention to go another way.

What’s clear is that if its ruling authorities wanted a nuclear weapons capability, it would have been developed long ago.

It never happened and most likely won’t happen ahead by a nation abhorrent of these WMDs, wanting them eliminated everywhere before they eliminate us.

According to an unnamed senior Israeli official, the world should thank Israel for assassinating Fakhrizadeh, the NYT reported.

At the same time, he lied adding that the Jewish state will continue to counter “Iran’s aspirations to nuclear weapons (sic).”

None exist. US and Israeli officials know it. So do the Times and other establishment media.

Yet they consistently fail to set the record straight on this issue and countless others — reporting fake news instead of the real thing.

A separate Times propaganda piece falsely accused Fakhrizadeh of “le(ading) Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon for the past two decades (sic).”

No such pursuit exists, not earlier or now.

The Times willfully and maliciously lied — while ignoring nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, the only regional country with these weapons and intention to use them if necessary in self-defense.

Citing unnamed US intelligence officials, the Times said “there is little doubt that Israel was behind the killing.”

“It had all the hallmarks of a precisely timed operation by Mossad.”

The Netanyahu regime “d(id) nothing to dispel that view.”

Time and again, he lied about an alleged secret Iranian nuclear weapons program he knows doesn’t exist.

The Times lied calling Fakhrizadeh “a shadowy figure (sic) (considered) the Iranian equivalent of J. Robert Oppenheimer…who oversaw the Manhattan Project (sic).”

On Friday, former State Department official Mark Fitzpatrick tweeted:

“The reason for assassinating Fakhrizadeh wasn’t to impede Iran’s war potential. It was to impede diplomacy.”

Left unexplained was that Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in centuries. 

It threatens none now except in self-defense if attacked — its legitimate UN Charter right.

Iran hasn’t fully settled the score with the US for assassinating its Quds Force commander General Qassem Soleimani last January.

Israeli killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh adds more pressure on its authorities to retaliate.

Doing nothing or not enough encourages more of the same by the US and Israel.

Between now and January when Biden/Harris replace Trump, the Netanyahu regime may have more hostile actions in mind to unleash against Iran.

A response is likely coming in retaliation for what happened so far.

Iranian officials are too savvy to fall victim to a Zionist trap.

They’ll act in their own way at a time of their choosing, perhaps how, where and when not expected.

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