Sergey Lavrov Truth-Telling About US-led Hegemonic Aims

Sergey Lavrov Truth-Telling About US-Led Hegemonic Aims

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov and Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif are models of what top diplomats are supposed to be.

They’re giants compared to their pigmy Western counterparts — lawless, self-promoting, serving hegemonic interests over world peace, equity, justice and the rule of law, notions they reject.

Lavrov minced no words in accusing US-led Western regimes of “persistently promoting their narrow selfish interests in a bid to preserve their hegemony in the world arena,” adding: 

“They are using the concept of the ‘rules-based’ world order, setting it directly against universal, commonly recognized standards of international law, including the UN Charter.”

By foul means, they seek control “over international organizations” and institutions, wanting them used to further their hegemonic interests by exploiting other nations and the people.

Russia, Iran, and other countries from US control “are firmly committed to the old, tried-and-tested principle – respect for international law, primarily the UN Charter,” said Lavrov — what the decadent West long ago abandoned.

The US and its imperial partners repeatedly, consistently, and illegally interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

“The dirty methods of color revolutions continue to be used,” said Lavrov — US-led Western attempts attempts transform Belarus into a pro-Western vassal state the latest example.

Dirty tactics include “manipulation of public opinion, instigation and support of overtly anti-government forces and contribution to their radicalization.”

They failed in Hong Kong last year, effectively countered by Belarusian authorities since August.

Russia is well aware of what’s gone on, Lavrov saying:

“The Republic of Belarus is our ally and strategic partner and also a fraternal nation.” 

“We are interested in a calm and stable situation in that country.” 

“This will be facilitated by the constitutional reform that was launched by the Belarusian leadership as a major transformation of the political, economic and legal systems.”

“We believe the Belarusian people are wise and always act in a balanced manner.” 

“They are capable of resolving their problems without any outside prompting or obtrusive proposals on unwanted mediation.” 

“It is obvious that attempts to jeopardize normalization are being made.”

“There are many examples of this: a desire to radicalize the protesters, encouraging people to engage in subversion and high treason” — orchestrated by US and other foreign anti-Belarusian dark forces.

Lavrov slammed his German counterpart Heiko Mass for his unacceptable “politicized” actions, conducting himself if a “crude undiplomatic manner.”

His remarks included “groundless Russophobic accusations” and baseless “grievances” against Belarus.

While urging other nations “to respect the rules-based order,” the regime he represents ignored major rule of law breaches, along with engaging in double standard diplomacy.

Lavrov accused UN human rights organizations of remaining silent about major abuses by the US and other Western countries.

Pointing fingers at their adversaries is another flagrant double standard.

When UN human rights officials discuss “violent clashes in Western capitals, they urge everyone to find a solution through dialogue,” said Lavrov, adding: 

“When they criticize us or Belarus, they demand a change of the system.” 

“This difference is visible to the naked eye.” 

“We have long lost any illusions about what kind of standards the West is promoting and how they use double standards.” 

“We will fight, and will defend our position at the UN bodies, where these issues should be considered.” 

“We will not allow the vices that the Western community is demonstrating to be forgotten.”

In recent public remarks, Lavrov has been more pointed in his criticism of Western policies than most often earlier.

It’s a refreshing change, hopefully to continue in future remarks.

Russia has no Western allies. It’s why diplomacy with their officials achieves nothing positive.

Given US rage for regime change in countries free from its control — notably China, Russia, and Iran — it’s a waste of time for their ruling authorities to seek cooperative relations with Washington when betrayal follows time and again.

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