Trump Regime Plot to Undermine Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Continues Unabated

Trump Regime Plot to Undermine Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Continues Unabated

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Throughout its waning days in office, Trump and hardliners surrounding him continue waging all-out war on nations free from US control.

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin said the US sanctioned Russia 46 times since Trump took office in January 2017.

His regime and Congress are waging escalated war on Russia, China, Iran, and other independent nation during Trump’s final weeks in office.

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany is a prime target for undermining.

What’s going on is part of the US aim to sell 30% more expensive liquified natural gas (LNG) to European markets.

Construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 continues anyway — to be completed and operational in the coming months.

Yet US hardliners refuse to quit. Reportedly, companies involved in Nord Stream 2’s construction were given a final warning to pull out or face tough sanctions that likely include banishment from doing business with US firms.

Russia’s Gazprom, Royal Dutch Shell, E.ON, Engie and OMV are involved in the project.

Big Lies about it accompany US threats.

They falsely call the project a threat to European energy security and the US.

Germany wants the pipeline completed. Earlier, its Foreign Minister Heiko Mass slammed Pompeo for threatening “crushing” sanctions on the country’s port of Murkan — where Russian vessels involved in its construction are based.

Germany, Finland, Sweden and Denmark signed off on permitting construction to proceed in their waters.

If imposed before Trump leaves office, over 120 companies face possible US sanctions for involvement in the project.

The threat will likely continue after Biden/Harris take office.

They’re likely to be more hostile toward Russia than Trump.

Putin expects Nord Stream 2 construction to be completed early next year.

Multiple rounds of US sanctions were either imposed on firms involved in the project or the threat of imposition got them to pull out.

Biden will likely go along with get-tough-on-Russia Dems to oppose Nord Stream 2 and anything else beneficial to Russia.

The pipeline will be completed but what’s unknown is to what extent will Germany and other European countries buy Russian gas if purchasing it risks US sanctions.

According to Russian international relations expert Timofey Bordachev:

“It is probably time for Russia to act, and the logical response to the way the West is behaving would be to abort all new energy cooperation projects with Germany, including the unfinished Nord Stream pipeline, and withdraw from the institutions and frameworks that serve the interests of the United States and Europe.”

With Nord Stream 2 nearing completion, it’s hard imagining that Moscow will abandon it after holding firm in the face of numerous obstacles to this point.

In weeks, it’ll have a more militantly hostile to its interests Biden/Harris regime in power to deal with compared to a sometime friendly Trump.

Under either wing of the US one-party state, Russia and other independent nations have no allies in Washington, just enemies.

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