NYT Fake News About an Iranian Bomb

NYT Fake News About an Iranian Bomb

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding claims about an Iranian nuclear weapons program by Western and Israeli dark forces have always been — and continue to be — fake news.

Time and again, they were dispelled by IAEA monitors and annual US National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs).

No Iranian nuclear bomb program existed earlier or now. No credible evidence suggests otherwise.

Yet US, other Western, and Israeli media won’t let the Big Lie die — the NYT one of its fake news proliferators.

Times reports on Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s assassination last Friday falsely called him “the guiding figure behind a covert effort to design an atomic warhead (sic).”

Separately, the Times called him “a shadowy figure (sic).” Mocking his academic credentials, the broadsheet falsely claimed his educational “role was a cover story.”

Further Times disinformation claimed that “he ran (projects) to tackle the most difficult problems bomb designers face as they try to make a warhead small enough to fit atop a missile and make it survive the rigors of re-entry into the atmosphere.”

No evidence of such projects exists.

Separately, the Times supports Netanyahu’s fake news about about an Iranian program he claims Fakhrizadeh headed to “design, produce and test 5 (nuclear) warheads, each of 10 kilotons TNT yield for integration on a missile (sic).”

He also lied claiming that Iran built a secret underground facility for developing nuclear cores and implosion systems.

Despite no evidence suggesting an Iranian nuclear weapons program, the Times repeats the Big Lie with disturbing regularity — while suppressing cold, hard facts about nuclear armed and dangerous Israel.

It falsely claimed that Fakhrizadeh has been involved in a “secret…Iranian nuclear weapons effort (for the past) 20 years” — serial liar Netanyahu its source, adding:

Fakhrizadeh “kept elements of the (covert nuclear) program alive  (sic)” — Netanyahu again its source, claiming the nuclear scientist “led (an alleged) SPND” program for developing nukes.

In his latest column, Times foreign affairs propagandist kept the Big Lie alive about Fakhrizadeh heading a covert nuclear weapons program — that doesn’t exist and never did.

He defied evidence debunking his Big Lie claim that “(a)fter Trump scrapped the nuclear deal, Iran (began) enrich(ing) uranium that could be used for a nuclear bomb.”

It takes uranium enrichment to at least 90% purity for bomb production. Iranian enrichment is at a small fraction of this level.

According to Friedman, Iranian ruling authorities are “homicidal (sic),” adding:

Their “new preferred weapons for homicide are the precision-guided missiles…which pose an immediate homicidal threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and US forces in the region (sic).”

“Homicide” is what the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners do on a massive scale.

It’s not how nonbelligerent Iran operates. Yet Big Lies proliferated by Times propagandists and their other establishment media counterparts falsely claim otherwise.

Unlike how the West and Israel operate, Iran threatens no one.

Instead of reporting truth and full disclosure, the Times and its fake news counterparts lie, deceive, and otherwise feature rubbish in deference to dark forces they support.

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