The Sanctions Game: Waging Dirty War by Other Means

The Sanctions Game: Waging Dirty War by Other Means

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When imposed by one country on others — a longstanding US specialty — sanctions breach international and US constitutional law.

Countries observing them are complicit in lawbreaking.

Imposing them is all about suffocating and otherwise immiserating ordinary people in targeted countries.

With rare exceptions, they fail to achieve other objectives.

They accomplish nothing toward forcing targeted countries to bend to the will of the sanctioning country — especially not the US.

Before its term expires on January 20, the Trump regime is going all-out to escalate sanctions war on Iran, China, Russia, Syria and other countries to the bitter end.

On Friday, Pompeo — a rogue actor WaPo called “the worst secretary of state in US history” — announced new illegal sanctions on China and Russia for their legitimate dealings with Iran.

Four Chinese entities and a Russian one were unlawfully targeted.

Under international law the US repeatedly breaches, economic, financial and trade relations among nations are entirely legal.

Defying reality, Pompeo falsely claimed that Sino/Russian sales of technology to Iran supports its “malign activities” that don’t exist.

He unlawfully called on other nations to cease supplying Iran with anything that can advance the nation’s economy and well-being of its people.

A special place in hell awaits him  one day.

Relations between Iran and other countries are entirely lawful. 

No nation may legally interfere in the right of nations to deal with others according to international law.

Separately, the Trump regime illegally sanctioned China’s National Electronics Import & Export Corporation (CEIEC) for its lawful dealings with Venezuela.

The firm produces electronics and equipment for military and construction purposes.

Reportedly, CEIEC provided Venezuela with software, training and technical expertise.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Mnuchin reinvented reality with the following statement:

Venezuelan President Maduro’s “reliance on entities like CEIEC to advance its authoritarian agenda further (sic) illustrates (his) prioritization of power over democratic values and processes (sic).”

He used what CEIEC provided “against the people of Venezuela (sic).”

Separately, Pompeo tweeted the following:

The Trump regime “is sanctioning PRC tech firm CEIEC for enabling…Maduro…to undermine democracy in Venezuela (sic).” 

“Their support to restrict internet service (sic) and conduct digital surveillance against political opponents (sic) is robbing Venezuelans of a democratic future (sic).”

Hardliners infesting the Trump regime are unindicted war criminals and serial liars.

Despite US sanctions, China is buying Venezuelan and Iranian oil.

Trump’s dirty war on targeted nations was a colossal failure.

The same goes for his domestic and geopolitical agenda across the board.

Failure will continue if Biden/Harris follow his war by other means and hot wars against targeted nations — what’s highly likely over the next four years.

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