More Straight Talk from Sergey Lavrov

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November 17, 2020
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November 18, 2020

More Straight Talk from Sergey Lavrov

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Lavrov commented on current geopolitical issues, his remarks always candidly refreshing — polar opposite how his Western counterparts operate, notably US ones.

On agreed on armistice in Nagorno Karabach by Armenia and Azerbaijan, Lavrov explained that Turkish observers will be permitted and “limited by the geographic coordinates of the Russian-Turkish monitoring center in a region of Azerbaijan located away from Nagorno-Karabakh, which is yet to be chosen for the center.” 

Russian forces alone will serve as peacekeepers. Claims by Turkish officials otherwise are false.

Turkish observers will operate exclusively from a monitoring center outside the enclave in Azerbaijan.

They “will not conduct any on-site missions.” 

“It is true that Russian and Turkish observers and specialists will be working at this center on equal conditions.” 

“But no Turkish peacekeeping units will be deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh.”

This was agreed on by Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijan leaders.

Despite three failed ceasefire agreements earlier, talks between Vladimir Putin and his Armenian and Azeri counterparts advanced things toward the agreed on armistice. 

Russian peacekeepers are now deployed along the line of contact to prevent a further conflict flareup.

Armistice principles agreed on were in accordance to what’s “been on the table for many years,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“Unblocking all transport and economic communication routes must play an enormous positive role in this region’s revival, including in the recovery of Armenia’s economy, which was damaged more than others in the wake of severed trade and transport links connecting it with Azerbaijan and Turkey.”

Russian peacekeepers will be deployed along the contact line for five years. If both sides agree, it can be for another five year period.

“All refugees and displaced persons have the right to return to Nagorno-Karabakh, back to their cultural, civilizational and religious roots,” Lavrov explained.

Commenting on New START nuclear arms control talks between Russia and the US, Lavrov stressed that both countries “can win only if the treaty is extended without any preconditions,” adding: 

“We proposed this more than a year ago, but (the Trump regime) look(ed) for signs of our weakness and our great interest in extending the treaty at any cost, so they started to make unacceptable demands.”

“There is no coming back to (the unacceptable 1990s) system.”

Because of the disputed US presidential election, talks with Washington remain stalemated.

By their unacceptable demands, Trump regime hardliners have gone all-out to undermine New START.

If Biden/Harris take over in late January, they’ll have little more than two weeks to decide up or down on extending the landmark agreement.

At this time, it appears dead. Whether it can be revived next year is unclear. Things look more negative than positive.

Lavrov: “President Vladimir Putin already said that we need this treaty no more than the Americans do. We would like to extend it.” 

“We put everything that can be done for that on the table. Now it’s up to the Americans.” 

“If their answer is no, we can live without this treaty. We have everything we need to ensure our security.”

As to how a Biden/Harris regime will operate if takes over in late January, Lavrov prefers not to speculate on what’s unclear at this time.

As a realist, I’m sure he has no illusions about possible improved Russian/US relations that’s virtually sure to be rejected by the US side.

Both wings of the US war party are united in supporting hostile actions against Russia, China, and other independent countries they don’t control.

On Belarus since President Alexander Lukashenko’s August reelection, Lavrov noted signs that (made-in-the-USA) “protests are (beginning to) fad(e) away.”

Compared to around 100,000 people who took to the streets earlier, only “3,000 to 5,000” turned out on November 15.

Still US-recruited “aggressive” elements remain troublemakers in the country.

Imperial USA doesn’t quit easily even when defeated as in Afghanistan and Syria.

Lavrov: In Minsk, “(y)oung people, among them many criminals, are taking to the streets armed with cobblestones, iron bars and Molotov cocktails.”

“They are clearly looking for aggressive action” — their actions orchestrated by US dark forces, Lavrov left largely unexplained, but explaining the following:

Anti-Belarus actions are being coordinated from neighboring Lithuania and Poland.

Saying Western officials aren’t ignorant of “what they are doing” stopped short of laying blame mostly where it belongs.

Street thugs don’t materialize out of thin air. They’re recruited, funded and directed, the CIA likely doing the heavy lifting in the US regime change attempt plot in Belarus.

It was defeated weeks ago but won’t quit, the same true for failed US regime change hot wars.

Dark forces in Warsaw and Vilnius are complicit with the US aim to topple Lukashenko.

Lavrov: “There are messages distributed on social media, also from Warsaw and Vilnius, which contain instructions…on how to make incendiary mixtures and explosives – the Molotov cocktails and much more.”

Russia’s position is clear in support of the UN Charter and other international law that prohibit interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The US is an imperial outlaw, operating by its own rules exclusively, waging endless wars on humanity that won’t end if Biden/Harris succeed Trump.

On dismal relations with the US and other Western countries, Lavrov explained the following:

Moscow “no longer structure(s) (its) policy (and) plans with respect to trade and energy, and…general communication with the outside world and primarily the West on the assumption that (its ruling authorities) will respect and deliver on all our agreements with them unequivocally.” 

“The West has proved that it is completely unreliable and unable to negotiate.” 

“It proved that it is often tempted to play geopolitical games and put politics before the economy when it ignored the just developments in Crimea after the coup in Ukraine, when the Russian-speaking population, Russians refused to accept its results.”

“Now there are the Skripals and Navalny, which is a total outrage.” 

“(T)he actions of…German(y) and other Western (countries) have been completely unacceptable.”

Russia is largely self-reliant and self-sufficient. 

As long as the West remains hostile — as it’s done for over a century except for short-term interregnums — Moscow can secure and take care of its interests on its own.

On the US November presidential and congressional elections, Lavrov called the US process “probably the most archaic of all now in existence in any major country” — a money controlled system lacking legitimacy.

Lavrov: It “significantly distorts the popular will.”

Lavrov covered more ground, his remarks very thorough and straightforward like always.

He’s a world-class diplomat — unmatched by anyone in the West.

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