Like Vice and Lice Everywhere, Susan Rice Infests NYT Editions

Like Vice and Lice Everywhere, Susan Rice Infests NYT Editions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Former Obama/Biden regime national security advisor and UN envoy Susan Rice is now one of the Times’ stable of hack opinion commentators who impersonate the real thing.

Earlier described by a critic as a “consummate ally of grubby despots,” Rice wholeheartedly embraces endless wars of aggression over world peace, stability, and cooperative relations among nations.

She one-sidedly supports apartheid Israeli state terror over equity and justice for long-suffering Palestinians.

She backs imperial lawlessness over respect for the rule of law.

She’s a Times favorite, showing up in its editions repeatedly like a bad aftertaste. 

“Our democracy (sic) (survived) a near-death experience (sic),” she roared.

Leave it to the Times to publish what began with the above rubbish, Rice deceptively adding:

“It appears that our democracy (sic) dodged a bullet (sic) — or, more precisely, multiple concerted efforts by (Trump) to torpedo its very foundations (sic).”

“While (he) rages relentlessly about election ‘fraud,’ ” undemocratic Dems, complicit media across the board, and a few renegade Republicans support Election 2020 grand theft.

There’s no ambiguity about brazen fraud for losers Biden/Harris over winner Trump.

Not according to Rice, of course, and likeminded supporters of a rigged process over an open, free, and fair one, falsely claiming:

“Trump and his political allies have been employing nearly every weapon at their disposal to try to retain the White House, notwithstanding the will of the people (sic).”

If votes were accurately tabulated, fraudulent ones thrown out, Trump would clearly be declared the winner of Election 2020.

Most likely it would be by a landslide of Electoral College votes and at least a majority of popular ones.

The official vote count was and continues to be fake — millions of votes for Trump flipped to Biden/Harris or otherwise added to their totals.

Election 2020 was so debauched, its legitimacy destroyed, that the only acceptable solution is tossing out the results and rerunning things — this time with independent observers monitoring the process.

No “bogus conspiracy (was) concoct(ed)” by Trump or anyone else. Rice lied claiming otherwise.

It’s no surprise for what came next in her propaganda piece.

She falsely claimed that “Trump and his associates solicited foreign assistance from Ukraine and China (sic) and relied on Russian agents to disseminate disinformation (sic).”

Like old soldiers, Big Lies about Russia, China, and other countries never die. Nor do they fade away.

They’ve become a permanent feature of nonexistent US election meddling fabrications — what no credible evidence ever showed occurred in US history.

In stark contrast — what Rice suppressed in her hit piece — the US interfered in scores of foreign elections throughout the post-WW II period and earlier.

The practice continues, along with color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and CIA assassins operating globally against individuals Langley targets for elimination.

JFK, RFK, MLK, and likely Malcolm X were best known.

The late William Blum documented successful and unsuccessful CIA plots to assassinate foreign leaders.

Notably failures were against Fidel Castro hundreds of times, China’s Chou En-Lai, Indonesian President Sukarno, and France’s Charles de Gaulle.

Establishment media suppress US dirty linen instead of explaining what everyone has a right to know.

In her hit piece, Rice went all out to suppress evidence of vote-flipping for Biden/Harris, dumped mail-in ballots for Trump, fake ones for the challengers, among other dirty tricks.

She lied claiming Trump’s legal team “tried repeatedly (to) toss out legitimately cast votes” for Biden/Harris.

Her whopper of a Big Lie defied indisputable reality, falsely calling Election 2020 “one of the cleanest…most secure (process) in our nation’s history (sic).”

Clearly debauched, it may have been the most brazen example of election theft since establishment of the republic.

“There is no proof (sic), nor even credible evidence (sic), of significant voting irregularities (sic), much less fraud (sic),” roared Rice in turning truth on its head.

Instead of a process the way it should be at all times, things were rigged for Biden/Harris long before election day, the outcome predetermined. 

The whole ugly business is further proof positive that democracy in America exists in name only.

The real thing is considered anathema to US dark force ruling authorities, their media handmaiden, and hack contributors like Rice. 

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