Sergey Lavrov Slams US/Western Hegemonic Aims

Sergey Lavrov Slams US/Western Hegemonic Aims

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last Friday, Sergey Lavrov addressed the Rome Med 2020 – Mediterranean Dialogues international conference from Moscow.

As he’s done several times recently, he dispensed with diplomatic niceties in slamming unacceptable US-led Western actions on the world stage — in flagrant violation of international law.

More of same ahead would be a welcome change from nice-guy outreach to the US that’s counterproductive — toughness the only language it understands.

Lavrov stressed that “that peace and stability can only be restored in the Middle East and North Africa, and conditions can only be created for the development and prosperity of their people on the basis of international law,” adding:

“This calls for an end to foreign interference, respect for the UN Charter and states’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as for an inclusive national dialogue in every country divided by civil discord.”

Russia fosters cooperative relations with other nations — in stark contrast to US sought dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its aims.

Time and again, it’s by hot war or other hostile actions.

Its geopolitical agenda is all about demanding subservience to its interests or risk being smashed — how all hegemons operate, pursuing their own aims at the expense of peace, stability and the rule of law.

Thanks to Russian intervention in  Syria at the request of its legitimate government min Damascus, the US-supported terrorist threat was routed but not entirely eliminated.

Nor was illegal US/Turkish occupation ended. 

Hopefully Russia is working on achieving this goal — along with entirely liberating Syrian territory from US-supported terrorists.

Lavrov: Illegally occupying US forces in northern and southern Syria “encourage separatism and hinder the restoration of the country’s unity.” 

“Instead of getting support, Damascus has got the (suffocating) Caesar Act, new US and European sanctions, unsubstantiated and groundless accusations of chemical attacks and war crimes.” 

“The West applies double standards and refuses to help Syria even when it comes to humanitarian problems.” 

“The West continues with its policy of economic strangulation of the Syrian Arab Republic even amid the pandemic.”

All of the above and much more in other US war theaters reveal Western contempt for the rule of law and its decadence. 

Millions of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries are unable to return home because international help needed is lacking.

Russia can’t do everything on its own. The West and UN abdicated responsibility.

They’ve done nothing to aid long-suffering Syrians. The same goes for victims of all US preemptive wars on nonthreatening nations.

EU countries refused to attend a mid-November international conference on Syria, Russia wholeheartedly supported — bowing to Trump regime pressure.

UN secretary general Guterres limited the world body’s representation to a meaningless token presence — further burnishing his imperial tool credentials.

Commenting on the Obama/Biden regime’s 2011 preemptive war on Libya, their EU imperial partners involved, smashing the country, immiserating its people, Lavrov said the following:

“Now (we) have to deal with the consequences of that absolutely illegal act of aggression.”

Virtually nothing has been done to aid its long-suffering people nearly a decade later.

Yielding to US pressure, Guterres failed to appoint a special representative for Libya.

A cauldron of human misery remains unchanged.

Things in the Persian Gulf are worrisome, Lavrov explained — near the horn of Africa as well in Yemen.

And there’s the unresolved Palestinian issue.

As long as their land remains illegally occupied and stolen by hostile power Israel, their rights will never be properly addressed.

Nor will Middle East peace be possible with this festering sore remaining uncorrected.

With due respect to Lavrov, a distinguished diplomat on the world stage, a figure I respect, his call for resumption of Israeli/Palestinian peace talks is the wrong approach.

Along with the US war OF terror, not on it, the one-sided Israeli/Palestinian peace process is the world’s greatest hoax.

Repeating the same mistake all over again will assure the same failed result.

Israel is unbending in wanting all valued Palestinian land stolen for exclusive Jewish development and use.

No amount of peace talks with change things, especially with the US involved.

Both countries scorn Palestinian rights. Compromising with their leadership in the interest of equity and justice is off the table — how it’s always been and will remain ahead.

As long as US, NATO, and Israeli hegemonic aims remain unchallenged, hot wars will rage in multiple theaters.

Peace and stability will remain non-starters. The rights of ordinary people everywhere will be denied in deference to privileged interests.

Lavrov understands the above reality.

He knows solutions won’t ever be possible as long as hegemon USA and its imperial partners keep seeking their own interests at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

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