Covid Blame Game Ignores its Madde-in-the-USA Origin

Covid Blame Game Ignores its Made-in-the-USA Origin

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If dark forces in the US and other Western countries hadn’t falsely blamed China for covid’s origin, they’d likely have pointed fingers at Russia, Iran or another nation unwilling to sell its soul to a higher power in Washington.

That’s how the scourge of imperialism works, falsely blaming other nations for high crimes committed by hegemons.

Covid was made-in-the-USA.

Outbreaks occurred in Hawaii last summer and Europe in late 2019 before showing up in China.

In December last year, a French hospital reported treating a covid patient. Two of his family members were infected.

Later in December last year, outbreaks first occurred in China.

As explained in previous articles, what’s going on is a diabolical US deep state plot that instituted harmful to public health and welfare draconian conditions.

Dark forces engineered economic collapse to enrich privileged interests — the greatest wealth transference scheme in US history. 

In its latest edition, CIA-connected WaPo editors continued the state-sponsored coverup of covid’s origin by blaming China for the diabolical made-in-the-USA scheme.

Citing a report by the most distrusted/disreputable source of US television propaganda — CNN — WaPo falsely claimed that covid outbreaks first occurred in China, followed by “hiding (them) from (its own) people and from the rest of the world (sic).”

Within around 72 hours of initial outbreaks in China, they were reported to the WHO.

Beginning on January 5, covid updates were reported daily, including information shared with the world community about its genome sequence.

No nation provided more aid to other countries than China in dealing with covid outbreaks worldwide — around 150 countries benefitting from help provided by Beijing.

In stark contrast to Chinese actions, US dark forces created and unleashed covid in pursuit of their diabolical interests.

Dated December 1, a fabricated anti-China CNN report was likely prepared in cahoots with the US intelligence community and other dark forces in the country.

It’s filled with a litany of misinformation, disinformation, and bald-faced Big Lies — typical of how CNN operates, a lying machine like other corporate-controlled establishment media.

Coverup and denial are longstanding US policies, aided and abetted by press agent media like CNN, WaPo, and their major media counterparts.

WaPo falsely claimed that “President Xi Jinping knew of human transmission of the new virus early in (January) but did not say anything in public until Jan. 20.”

Fact: As explained above, initial covid outbreaks in China occurred late last December — within 72 hours reported to the WHO.

On December 31, 2019, the organization reported the following:

“Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified.”

Chinese officials worked cooperatively with the WHO, transparency maintained on developments as they occurred — polar opposite how the US operates.

Despite no evidence suggesting it, WaPo and CNN falsely claimed that “China deliberately hid the true dimensions of” covid outbreaks in the country.

What both US propaganda sources suppressed was that covid is another form of seasonal flu/influenza.

PCR tests are worthless, time and again producing false positives and negatives.

The more tests conducted, the greater the number of covid cases reported that may, in fact, be seasonal flu.

The tests fail to distinguish between them, resulting in misdiagnoses and mass hysteria.

What WaPo, CNN, and other mass media should explain, they consistently suppress — featuring state-approved propaganda instead.

Separately in its latest edition, the NYT reported rubbish similar to what WaPo and CNN peddled about China and covid.

Big Lies spread fast among establishment media, part of their policy of mass deception that includes suppression of what vital for everyone to know.

What happened throughout most of 2020 most likely was prelude for worse to come — including more devastating US/Western lockdowns.

The more widespread and longer they continue, the more harm to millions of people — including many thousands of small businesses forced to close for lack of enough customers and revenue to keep operating.

Nothing remotely like what’s going on ever happened in the US before — unprecedented economic collapse, engineered by dark forces, that’s wrecking the lives and welfare of millions of people so privileged interests can benefit from their misery.

Harder than ever hard times for ordinary people in the US will likely worsen in the new year with scant government help to relieve unprecedented human suffering in the country.

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