Many Forms of US War on China by Other Means

Many Forms of US War on China by Other Means

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

China has no friends in Washington, mortal enemies alone in both wings of its war party.

If Trump regime hardliners aren’t going all-out to undermine bilateral relations, their unacceptable policies are a convincing imitation.

The latest below the belt blow came Friday, wrecking ball extremist Pompeo announcing it — wrapped in his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

Unacceptable US visa restrictions were imposed on unnamed Chinese government officials — a political move like earlier hostile ones against Beijing, unrelated to national security.

Reinventing reality like countless times before, Pompeo falsely accused the CCP’s United Front Work Department — that’s involved with strengthening adherence to ruling party principles — with the following:

“(C)o-opt(ing) and coerc(ing) sub-national leaders, overseas Chinese communities, academia and other civil society groups both in the United States and other countries in furtherance of the CCP’s authoritarian narratives and policy preferences.”

The above describes how Washington and its imperial partners operate at home and abroad — what Pompeo, other US hardliners, and Chinaphobic  media won’t ever explain.

Time and again, the US and its press agent media falsely accuse other nations of high crimes and other wrongdoing committed by Washington.

In response to Pompeo’s announced visa restrictions, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the following:

“How ridiculous this is! When I read these comments by some extremist anti-China individuals in the United States, I see before my eyes Don Quixote holding his lance. It is ludicrous and pathetic.”

This morning, I read the Us State Department spokesperson’s statement.” 

“(M)utual respect” isn’t his longsuit.

“The leadership of the CPC is the defining feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is enshrined in our country’s Constitution.” 

“It is the Chinese people’s common belief that ‘there would be no New China without the CPC.’ ” 

“Thanks to the CPC leadership, the Chinese people have achieved independence, freedom, liberation and steady progress in national development.”

“The CPC has more than 92 million members.” Banning them from the US is “ridiculous” and unacceptable.

“When the United States established diplomatic ties with China over 40 years ago, it knew China is a socialist country led by the CPC, and the China-US relationship is based on the consensus that both sides acknowledge and respect each other’s different social system.” 

Trump regime hardliners changed the rules of the game. Beijing rejects what’s unacceptable.

“(W)antonly demonizing China and viciously attacking the CPC in an attempt to drive a wedge between the party and the Chinese people” won’t be tolerated. 

Pompeo omitted naming names of Chinese nationals to be denied visas for travel to the US.

He falsely accused individuals to be targeted with “physical violence, theft and release of private information, espionage, sabotage or malicious interference in domestic political affairs, academic freedom, personal privacy or business activity (sic)” — all of the above US specialties.

New hostile Trump regime actions toward China came days after it announced restrictions to curtail travel of CCP members to the US.

According to China/Asia Pacific expert Allen Carlson, perception in Beijing is that the US lost credibility in the eyes of the world community under Trump.

His regime’s geopolitical wrecking ball policies won’t be easily corrected.

As it’s done in response to other hostile policies by Trump regime hardliners, Beijing will respond in its own way at times of its choosing.

China’s ruling authorities seek cooperative relations with other countries — based on mutual respect and the interests of all parties involved.

They won’t sacrifice the sovereign rights of the nation and its people to a bully regime in Washington or anywhere else.

A Final Comment

China’s Global Times (GT) called the Trump regime’s “attempt to destabilize China via CPC visa (restrictions a policy) doomed to fail.”

Pompeo’s Friday announcement was another in a long line of “malicious (US actions) toward China and its ruling party.”

GT accused Pompeo “and his ilk of trying) to drive a wedge between the CPC and the Chinese people.”

Their “aim is to destabilize China’s politics and society and eventually overthrow the leadership of the CPC in a color-revolution approach.” 

It’s a harebrained scheme that risks rupturing Sino/US relations altogether.

Greatly damaged bilateral relations since Trump took over are already almost beyond repair now.

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