Sino/US Differences Beyond Repair?

Sino/US Differences Beyond Repair?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US-created breach between both countries will likely widen further during the Trump regime’s final days.

US policies toward China are unrelated to a national security threat no nations pose to Washington. 

Claims otherwise are fabricated.

They’re a pretext for endlessly pouring trillions of dollars down a black hole of virtually unlimited military and related spending.

It’s all about feeding the insatiable appetite of the US military, industrial, security complex at the expense of long neglected homeland needs.

Along with related policies that include the 9/11 false flag, covid hoax, manufactured economic collapse, trillions of Fed-created dollars for Wall Street speculation, and endless wars by hot and other means, what’s going on made the US unsafe and unfit to live in.

Under both right wings of its war party, dark forces running things are going all-out to undermine China politically, economically, technologically and militarily. 

It’s an agenda doomed to fail that risks confrontation between two nations able to smash each other if things spin out of control to warfare.

While China wants cooperative relations with all nations, confrontation with none, its national security will be defended vigorously against hostile actions by the US or other countries.

China’s Global Times minced no words saying the following:

“We must resolutely combat the arrogance of Trump’s team at every turn.” 

“If they make vicious moves that cross the bottom line, we should be fearless to engage in a high-intensity confrontation.”

“(T)he whole world can see how the Trump (regime) undermining the China-US relations in an unprecedented and anti-rule based manner.”

Its hardliners are attempting to make it hard to impossible for Biden/Harris to undo his regime’s damage to Sino/US relations.

China is prepared for war if Trump or a future US regime attacks its territory.

What’s highly unlikely is possible with Pompeo, Elliott Abrams, and likeminded lunatics running Trump’s geopolitical agenda.

US political scientist Graham Allison coined the “Thucydides trap” term.

It refers to a nation like the US launching war on a rival state it fears may threaten its hegemonic aims.

Commenting on US war on China by other means, Allison said both countries are in what he called a Thucydides dynamic, risking war between them, adding:

“(I)t’s clear that that if China realizes the Chinese dream, Beijing will displace the US from positions of leadership it has become accustomed to during the ‘American century.’ ”

“China will be the only big economy that will be bigger at the end of 2020 than it was at the beginning.” 

“Everybody else is shrinking. So unless China can find a way to constrain the (US) natural impulses, this will turn out badly.”

Beijing gave up on Trump. As long as he’s around — surrounded by lunatics — Sino/US relations will worsen, not improve.

What’s also disturbing is that Biden/Harris will likely continue US hostility toward China.

Chances of a positive reset are virtually nil. Believing otherwise is foolhardy thinking about what’s not in the cards.

Perhaps things will stabilize to some extent short-term, the most to hope for, but it won’t be longterm if turns out this way.

China’s increasing prominence on the world stage is seen in Washington as a threat to its hegemonic ambitions to rule the world unchallenged.

As long as the country is on track toward displacing the US as the world’s leading economy, hostility by its ruling class toward Beijing will continue unabated — risking possible major confrontation if things are pushed too far.

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