Russia’s Outspoken Envoy to Israel

Russia’s Outspoken Envoy to Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Former Russian Foreign Ministry’s Humanitarian Cooperation Department and Human Rights director/Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Anatoly Viktorov now serves as Moscow’s envoy to Israel.

Interviewed by the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, he said the following:

“The problem in the region is not Iranian activities.”

“It’s a lack of understanding between countries and noncompliance (by the Jewish state) with UN resolutions in the Israel-Arab and Israel-Palestinian conflict.”

Viktorov debunked Israel’s Big Lie claim about Hezbollah, the long ago discredited argument that it’s a terrorist group.

It’s an elected part of Lebanon’s government with a military wing for self-defense, its legitimate right under international law.

“Israel is attacking Hezbollah. Hezbollah is not attacking Israel,” Viktorov stressed, adding:

He’s seen no evidence suggesting that so-called tunnels from Lebanon to Israel are used to attack the Jewish state.

No nation attacked the country since the October 1973 Yom Kippur war.

No regional countries or others elsewhere threaten its security today. 

Claims otherwise by the Netanyahu regime and its predecessors were and remain fabricated.

No evidence supports them.

Viktorov said Israel must stop “attack(ing) the territories of sovereign” states cross-border — referring to its endless aggression against nonthreatening Syria, along with war by other means on Iran.

Moscow is concerned about the safety of its forces in Syria — involved since September 2015 in combatting US/NATO/Israeli supported ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups.

“(T)here is no way that we are approving any Israeli strikes on Syria, never in the past and never in the future,” he stressed.

Asked about Iran’s increased uranium enrichment — that’s far below purity needed for nukes — he said the following:

“The first step was made by (the Trump regime that illegally and unacceptably) quit the JCPOA” in May 2018, a hostile breach of international and US constitutional law.

“They quit the plan and that allowed the Iranian side to undertake some steps” permitted under JCPOA  Articles 26 and 36 when its other signatories breach their obligations.

Asked whether Russia intends selling arms to Iran, Victorov said:

“Iran is a sovereign state, why not?

In response to his above remarks, the Netanyahu regime’s foreign ministry rebuked him — for his candor.

In response, Russia’s embassy in Tel Aviv said his remarks were taken out of context and distorted by the Jerusalem Post that stands by the accuracy of its report.

According to the Jewish state’s foreign ministry, its political director Alon Bar “seriously reprimanded” Viktorov.

His candor deserves praise, not criticism. Much more of the same is needed from other world community nations.

Holding Israel’s feet to the fire for its high crimes of war and against humanity is the only way to stop them — provided there’s a stiff price to pay otherwise.

A Final Comment

Viktorov’s candor in remarks to the Jerusalem Post weren’t the first time he said what he means.

Earlier he said the following about Iran:

The Islamic Republic “plays play a very important role in our common and joint efforts on elimination of terrorists in Syria.” 

“That is why currently we think that any demands to withdraw (its military advisors ) from the Syrian Arab Republic are unrealistic.”

Viktorov also said Moscow provided Syria with S-300 air defense systems “because (Moscow has a right) to defend (its forces) in Syria.”

Damascus has the same right to defend its territory and people from cross-border aggression.

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