Profiteer/Mass Toxic Vaxxing Cheerleader Anthony Fauchi

Profiteer/Mass Toxic Vaxxing Cheerleader Anthony Fauci

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci operates in cahoots with Pharma for his own self-enrichment.

A promoter of toxic mass vaxxing against covid, he wants everyone inoculated with fast-tracked, inadequately tested, high-risk, unsafe, experimental vaccines that may be infinitely more harmful to human health than beneficial.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called him “a doctor who doesn’t see patients.”

At NIAID, he’s charged with determining causes and seeking treatments for infectious, allergic and autoimmune diseases.

He’s done “almost none of those things,” said RFK Jr.

Instead, he overseas a multi-billion dollar annual budget, “farm(ing)” it out to academia for drug development profit-making.

“They do the clinical studies, and then when it gets to a certain point, he sells the drug or transfers it to” a Pharma company, RFK Jr. explained.

In cahoots with them, “he splits the royalties for many of these drugs,” cashing in big.

According to the 1980 Bayh-Dole Act, government developed technologies and drugs are part of the public domain for anyone to use.

HHS lets university-based scientists use government funding to develop new technologies and drugs for their institutions to cash in big on by patenting and selling them to corporate America.

Fauci benefits from the scheme. He owned a high-risk to human health interleukin patent, profiting hugely from it, RFK Jr. explained, adding:

Trial subjects “were getting very sick and they were dying” — not told of the risk to their health and lives when recruited.

Telling Congress he intended to give money he made from the experimental drug to charity, “he never told us how much.”

“We have no idea to this day how much money he’s made on that or how many patents he owns.”

He’s been involved in developing thousands of patented drugs. He’s likely a millionaire many times over.

Instead of serving the public interest by combatting infectious diseases and allergies, he prioritizes cashing in big.

He “transformed NIAID…into (an)  incubator” for Pharma’s drug development, said RFK Jr.

“(H)e creates the (drugs)…sells (them) to (Pharma) for very, very beneficial prices…”

“(H)e (then) walks (them) through the FDA approval process, which means then Medicare and Medicaid…pay for” what benefits Pharma and himself. 

“He helps negotiate…beneficial deals with (Pharma), and then the money comes back to him and his staff through royalties.”

“(I)nstead of researching and trying to stop all these chronic diseases from happening to our children, he’s ignoring all of that and simply…printing money” for Pharma’s enrichment and himself. 

What RFK Jr. explained shows indifferent-to-public-health-and-welfare Fauci is a profiteering con artist, polar opposite a public servant.

“During his tenure at NIAID, the US (autism) rate has gone from 12% to 54%,” said RFK Jr. 

“We now use more drugs than any country in the world.” 

“We pay the highest prices for those drugs, and the drug industry is now controlling our government” — along with Wall Street, other corporate giants, the Pentagon, intelligence community, and other powerful interests, at the expense of public health and welfare.

RFK Jr. called Fauci “a mix between (con man) Bernie Madoff, (defender of powerful interests at the expense of ordinary people) J. Edgar Hoover,” and a mafia crime boss.

Fauci now wants everyone unnecessarily vaxxed with experimental drugs containing harmful to health toxins against what’s little different from seasonal flu/influenza.

He operates more like a crime boss than defender of public health he’s indifferent toward by his actions.

All vaccines are harmful to human health. Their toxins are responsible for diseases they’re promoted to protect against — along with many other serious ones that cause pain, suffering and premature death.

Mass vaxxing against covid will virtually assure a large-scale outbreak of many diseases that Pharma and Fauci can cash in big from.

Perhaps with him in mind, Time magazine created a new dubious annual award: “Guardian of the Year,” Fauci its first recipient.

Defying reality, it said “(g)uardians (like Fauci, sic) put themselves on the line to defend the ideals sacred to democracy (sic).” 

“In 2020, they fought on many fronts” — that includes hyping fear-mongering mass hysteria over made-in-the-USA covid — “display(ing) selflessness, compassion, stamina, and courage (sic).”

Fauci “led…the battle against (covid), but also the fight for truth (sic)—clear, consistent messaging being fundamental to public health…(operating with) steadfast integrity (sic).”

Time and again with unflagging consistency, public and private sector interests honor their worst, harming or ignoring their best. 

Fauci is one of many examples — profiteering and otherwise benefitting from harming the public interest, not serving it as he’s mandated to do.

Analyst Helen Buyniski ripped him and the dubious Time award, saying:

Fauci “as (Time’s first) ‘guardian of the year’ emphasizes his dystopian doomsday pronouncements.” 

“The message? Sit down, muzzle up, and fear what you’re told to fear.”

Since covid showed up in the continental US nearly a year ago, he’s been in the forefront of promoting fear-mongering mass hysteria by inventing “apocalyptic predictions of millions of deaths (yet to show up in the US) that triggered a devastating economic shutdown.”

He and his co-conspirators “are facilitating the asset-stripping of America…”

Their harmful to public health and welfare caused what has earmarks of being the greatest Depression in US history — likely to be protracted, perhaps a permanent dystopian new normal.

They belong in prison, not enriched and otherwise rewarded in high office.

They’re on the wrong side of what just societies hold dear.

Co-conspirator Time magazine, an establishment publication owned by media conglomerate Meredith Corp., honored a scoundrel Buyniski called an “avatar of medical totalitarianism.”

Get even by boycotting the company’s fake news media over the real thing it abhors and doesn’t tolerate.

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