Hard Truths Outgunned by Big Lies and Mass Deception

Hard Truths Outgunned by Big Lies and Mass Deception

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

You’re being lied to — assaulted daily by state-sponsored Big Lies!

The power of complicit Big Media repetition embeds them in the public consciousness.

On domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, Big Government and Big Media substitute managed news misinformation and disinformation for truth-telling — the real thing banned.

State-sponsored mass deception suppresses what’s vital for everyone to know.

Ordinary people are exploited and abused so privileged ones benefit.

In Western and most other countries, democracy exists for the privileged few alone.

The so-called war on terror is US state terror on humanity.

Election meddling is what the US does at home and abroad.

Throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, no credible evidence ever suggested foreign interference in US elections because none occurred.

What possible benefits could foreign governments gain from interfering in US federal elections that turn out the same way nearly every time held.

One-party rule with two extremist right wings assures it.

When unfavored candidates occasionally triumph for high office over favored ones, mistakes are corrected.

State-sponsored assassination shortened JFK’s tenure.

Grand theft Election 2020 let Biden/Harris prevail over Trump the old-fashioned way.

Shenanigans triumphed over the popular will with electronic ease and other dirty tricks.

It wasn’t the first time that losers were declared winners in the self-styled land of the free and home of the brave — a fantasy democracy, never the real thing throughout US history.

When America goes to war or holds elections, truth is the first casualty.

It happens time and again consistently.

Press agents for power and privilege media are complicit in proliferating Big Lies and mass deception.

Trump’s national security advisor Robert O’Brien earlier defied reality by accusing China of “tak(ing) the most active role” in US Election 2020, adding:

Beijing “had the most massive program to influence the United States politically (sic).” So did Russia and Iran, he falsely claimed.

O’brien: “We’ve made it very clear to the Chinese, to the Russians, to the Iranians and others that haven’t been publicly disclosed that anyone…that attempts to interfere with the American elections will face extraordinary consequences (sic).”

Before either sacked by Trump or resigning to avoid it, AG Barr called China a greater US election threat than Russia.

He and O’Brien presented no evidence backing their invented claims because none exists — not now, earlier, or likely ahead.

The US intelligence community is undecided about whether to claim foreign interference in US Election 2020, according to establishment media reports.

Assistant DNI for strategic communications Amanda Schoch was quoted saying:

“The DNI was notified by career intelligence officials that the intelligence community (IC) will not meet the December 18 deadline, set by executive order and Congress, to submit the IC’s classified assessment on foreign threats to the 2020 US elections,” adding:

“The IC has received relevant reporting since the election and a number of agencies have not finished coordinating on the product.”

According to Bloomberg News, O’brien, Pompeo, and Barr when AG claimed that “China posed a bigger election threat than Russia even though intelligence assessments at the time didn’t support that assertion,” adding:

The above Trump regime officials “issued a barrage of warnings that China is covertly attempting to sway American politics and culture from state legislatures to Hollywood movies…from college campuses to Disney theme parks” to US elections (sic).

US intelligence agencies accused Russia and Iran of “seeking to interfere with” US Election 2020.

Bloomberg added that so-called “analysts” it didn’t name say “intelligence will show that China’s effort to influence the US election was far more extensive than previously reported by spy agencies (sic).”

Like always before — with no exceptions — when these dubious accusations surface, not a shred of evidence accompanies them because there is none.

They’re bald-faced Big Lies every time made — supported by hostile to truth-telling Big Media.

It’s part of an orchestrated. mass deception campaign to demonized Washington’s three main invented adversaries.

No matter how often before most Americans were deceived to believe Big Lies, they’re easy marks to be duped again.

It’s why phony accusations of foreign US election meddling surface time and again.

The same goes for mass deception on other issues.

Despite modern technology making it easy to know what’s going on at home and abroad, over-entertained Americans are the most uninformed people on the planet. They’re out-of-touch with reality.

Manipulated by bread and circuses, they’re largely know-nothings about major domestic and geopolitical issues.

It’s why mass deception most often works.

Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe what informed ones know are untrue.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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