Putin’s Annual Tour de Force Presser

Putin’s Annual Tour de Force Presser

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Nothing in the West remotely matches Putin’s annual straight talk marathon Q & A.

His latest tour de force was no exception this month, answering numerous questions on major issues candidly and forthrightly — for nearly five hours.

Below are some takeaways from his remarks.

On combatting covid, he failed to explain that it’s similar to seasonal flu/influenza, an annual worldwide pandemic, largely lasting around six months during the cold weather season.

He explained that although no healthcare system in the world community of nations “was ready for the scale of what (Russia) encountered, (its) system turned out to be more effective,” adding:

“Russia is the first country in the world, which has invented, we could say, and started to produce the vaccine of both the Gamaleya scientific institute and the Novosibirsk-based Vector center.” 

“And we have a good vaccine (that’s) safe and effective – over 95% and higher – and specialists say its level of protection reaches 96-97%.”

The hazards of vaccines are well-known. 

If Russia developed a safer vaccine than what Big Pharma began to roll out in the West, evidence ahead will prove or disprove it.

On August 11, Russia’s Sputnik V covid vaccine was registered for use by the Russian Ministry of Health.

Developed by Russia’s  Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, it followed over 20 years of vaccine research, according to Sechenov University’s Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology director Vadim Tarasov.

He explained that the vaccine may not entirely stop covid from spreading, but it’ll make symptoms milder, adding:

“We can really talk about a breakthrough as our country has shown itself to be one of the leaders in the global pharmaceutical industry due to the fact that it has retained and developed new competencies in drug development.”

Is Sputnik V safer and more effective than toxic US/Western ones?

Unlike their rushed development, inadequately tested, experimental vaccines, two decades of Russian R & D preceded Sputnik V’s rollout.

Challenging the great novichok poisoning of Alexey Navalny hoax, Putin said he’s supported by US and other Western regimes, adding:

Russia had nothing to do with his illness. No evidence suggests it. If Moscow wanted him done in, he’d be dead.

He’s alive and well, spreading fake news about what happened, remarks scripted by his Western intelligence community handlers.

On Russian relations with the US when Biden/Harris replace Trump, Putin was unrealistically optimistic, saying:

“We presume that the newly elected (sic) US president will understand what is going on.”

“He is a person who has experience in both domestic and foreign policy.” 

“We expect that all problems, which emerged, or at least some of them will be ironed out under the new” regime.

Chances of improved US relations with Russia and other nations free from its control are virtually nil.

Putin understands. Hope springs eternal whenever a new US regime takes office — followed by disappointment.

Most likely, things will worsen under Biden/Harris, not improve.

Seeking control over other nations, hegemons demand subservience to their will.

The policy is hard-wired part of virtually all US regimes — to remain in place under Biden/Harris.

On amendments to Russia’s Constitution, Putin said the following:

“Everything is good in due time. The fight against price hikes should be conducted in due time.” 

“The same goes for amendments to the basic law. It was impossible to do a lot of things earlier.”

Fundamentals in the Constitution remain unchanged.

On scrutiny of his life by a so-called Western investigative report — aka anti-Putin, anti-Russia propaganda — Putin said:

“I looked through it just because it is about me but it was such a cut-and-paste job, everything was lumped together. I couldn’t read it all the way to the end.”

On Russia’s GDP during 2020 worldwide Depression, Putin said it contracted 3.6% as of now,” adding:

It’s less than in EU countries, contracting up to 9%. It’s faring better than dismal US economic conditions.

On Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, Putin said its completion is important to the country and other European ones.

Around “165 km” of construction remain. “(W)e will finish the work.”

He unrealistically expects the Biden/Harris regime to respect sovereign interests of other nations.

On what he called Russia’s “harmlessness,” he stressed that his nation is “squeaky-clean” compared to the West.

Unlike the US and dominant EU regimes, Russia respects the sovereign independence and territorial integrity of all world community nations.

It fosters peace, stability, and mutual cooperation with them — polar opposite US-led Western war on humanity.

“We heard your assurances that NATO won’t expand (one inch) to the East but you didn’t keep your promises,” Putin stressed.

On Bush/Cheney’s unlawful pullout from the anti-ballistic missile treaty, Putin said the following:

The US-led/Western arms race “began after the US pullout from the ABM treaty.”

On Western information war against him, Putin called it “nonsense…but what can be done.”

Putin is despised by US and EU regimes because of Russia’s sovereign independence, its anti-imperial agenda, and his refusal to subordinate the vital interests of his nation to a higher power in Washington.

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