Hegemon USA Risks Confrontation with China

Hegemon USA Risks Confrontation with China

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Dominant hardliners from both right wings of the US war party consider nonbelligerent China Washington’s main threat.

It’s at a time when no nations threaten US security — so they’re invented in pursuing the nation’s hegemonic agenda.

Along with its war on humanity at home and abroad, the US repeatedly blames other nations for its own high crimes.

The State Department falsely calls China a threat to global peace and stability — what applies to the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners, clearly not China, Russia, Iran, or other countries on the US target list for regime change.

The State Department falsely accused China of a laundry list of wrongdoing — all of which applies to the US, not Beijing.

Defying reality, China is accused of “predatory economic practices, military aggression, undermining global norms and values, coercive tactics abroad, (and) disregard for human rights.”

All of the above and much more explains how hegemon USA operates globally — in stark contrast to how China fosters world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries.

Manipulated by svengali Pompeo, Trump agreed to multiple more rounds of unlawful sanctions on China, Russia, Iran, and other nations unwilling to sell their souls to Washington.

On Monday, more were imposed on dozens of Chinese firms for invented reasons.

Calling them “military end user(s)” they’re blocked from buying US technology.

It’s part of US war on China by other means, no letup likely when Biden/Harris replace Trump in January.

On the same day, the world’s leading human rights abuser USA imposed visa restrictions on Chinese officials for alleged abuses without supportive evidence mentioned, a clear red flag.

On Tuesday, the USS John S. McCain provocatively sailed near China’s Nansha Islands without authorization to be near its waters — on the phony pretext of freedom of navigation.

It’s the latest example of what happens repeatedly by the US in a part of the world not its own.

In response, China’s PLA Southern Theater Command first warned the US warship to leave, then nonbelligently expelled it from waters where it didn’t belong, according to PLA spokesman Col. Tian Junli, adding:

The unacceptable US action threatens China’s sovereignty, along with regional peace and stability.

The provocation came a day after China’s Shandong aircraft carrier entered South China Sea waters for military exercises.

According to China’s Central Television, the PLA conducted a successful precision strike against a moving maritime target with long-range rockets for the first time.

China is now able to effectively counter hostile maritime forces in its waters by its army, navy, and air force — a warning to belligerent USA.

On Wednesday, the South China Morning Post reported that PLA and Russian bombers engaged in joint Western Pacific patrols over the Sea of Japan and East China Sea.

According to China’s Defense Ministry, it’s part of regular military cooperation between both nations.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said during joint Sino/Russian military exercises, both countries abide by international law by not entering the airspace or waters of other regional nations.

On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov that cooperative relations between their countries is vital to “maintain stable relations in a chaotic world,” adding:

“The United States continues to wield the big stick of unilateral sanctions, which will only makes its record in the world more disgraceful.”

Provocative US actions against nations free from its control risks direct confrontation ahead if hardliners in Washington push things too far.

What’s unthinkable against Russia and/or China is possible because of US rage for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its hegemonic aims.

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