More Contagious Covid Super-Strain in Britain?

More Contagious Covid Super-Strain in Britain?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Western governments in cahoots with Pharma and press agent media have gone all-out this year to terrify ordinary people.

Instead of truth-telling, the whole truth, and nothing less, we’ve been bombarded with fake news about the alleged threat posed by covid.

Suppressed is that the vast majority of covid-diagnosed cases are, in fact, seasonal flu/influenza.

Ordinary people in the West are consistently lied to by their ruling regimes on issues mattering most.

Most everything reported about covid and related issues have been fabricated or otherwise distorted.

Covid is a form of seasonal flu/influenza that shows up annually for around six months during cold weather months.

Although various strains of the virus exist, some perhaps more contagious than others, claims about a new covid super-strain in Britain are dubious at best, untrue at worst.

The Boris Johnson regime is terrorizing Brits into complying with more draconian restrictions.

In London and surrounding areas, Brits were told to stay home under lockdown that’s hazardous to their health, economic welfare, and overall well-being.

Christmas was cancelled for millions of Brit, perhaps the same also coming for yearend celebratory activities — for no legitimate reasons, phony ones used. 

Will a nationwide lockdown follow ahead for weeks or longer? 

When ordered, it does infinitely more harm to ordinary people than any combinations of major diseases.

UK authorities claimed that the new covid strain is 70% more transmissible than others — despite no verifiable evidence proving it.

Most likely, a new strain — if one actually exists — is largely similar to earlier ones reported.

UK epidemiologist Erik Volz was first to briefly mention an alleged new covid strain days earlier.

Saying it’s too early to know if it’s more transmissible or deadly, he admitted that the model used to suggest it is flawed.

Did the Boris Johnson regime scare Brits to death more than already to promote mass-vaxxing with fast-tracked, experimental, hazardous to human health vaccines?

Is the current escalated fear-mongering campaign aimed at Brits opposed to covid vaxxing over concerns of its safety and effectiveness?

Behind most every government action lies a motive.

Time and again, it benefits special interests at the expense of human health and welfare.

Made-in-the-USA covid is used for this purpose in the West.

Throughout 2020, privileged interests never had things better at the expense of ordinary people enduring the Greatest Depression conditions that are likely to be protracted.

They’re enduring mass unemployment, growing poverty, food insecurity, and overall deprivation because covid is used to enforce draconian policies that caused enormous harm to most people.

All governments lie.Take nothing they say at face value.

Based on data Volz cited, it’s unclear if a new covid strain is any more harmful than earlier ones this year.

Yet it’s being used to harm most Brits more than already throughout 2020 so privileged ones can more greatly benefit at their expense.

That’s what is going on. Is something similar soon to arrive in the US, other Western countries and elsewhere?

The hardest of hard times for most people this year are likely to be exceeded by worse ahead — a new abnormal.

A brave new world unfit to live in for most people is unfolding in real time.

Great reset planners have ruler/serf societies in mind worldwide — exploiting ordinary people, privileged ones benefitting from their misery.

Peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law are off the table, dystopian rule replacing them if diabolical forces get their way.

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