No Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season

No Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season

by Stephen Lendman

No wonderful time of the year exists in US theaters of war by hot and other means.

There’s precious little or none for millions of jobless, impoverished, mistreated Americans.

The misnamed land of opportunity exists for the privileged few. Most others endure dystopian harshness.

No seasonal joy exists for thousands of political prisoners languishing in the US gulag at home and abroad.

Nor for hungry, homeless, immiserated Americans.

Its ruling class is the grinch that stole Christmas and all other times of the year because of their endless war on humanity at home and abroad.

Growing millions of impoverished US households is a reality that’s largely concealed from public view — official numbers corrupted to suppress a growing epidemic.

“Hunger in America is growing,” reported Feeding America.

More than 50 million Americans, including about 17 million children, are food insecure.

“Many households that experience food insecurity do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and need to rely on their local food banks and other hunger relief organizations for support,” Feeding America explained.

It’s at a time of protracted Depression, soaring demand way outstripping supply.

Households with children are most vulnerable because of multiple mouths to feed with inadequate income when earning poverty wages with few or no benefits or being jobless.

Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research (IPR) reported that “food insecurity triple(d) for families with children during” these troubled times.

Millions in the US fear they’ll “run out of food and have no money for more.”

It’s because of made-in-the-USA economic collapse that devastated the lives and welfare of millions of Americans so privileged ones could benefit at their expense.

What establishment media should explain and condemn, they willfully suppressed in deference to powerful interests they support over the right and welfare of all Americans, not just the privileged few alone.

US children unacceptably kept out of classrooms lost access to subsidized meals that are essential for low-income/impoverished households.

Food security is elevated in the US nationwide and will likely increase further next year.

In 2020, around one-third of US households experienced it, Blacks, Latinos, and households with children most adversely affected, IPR reported.

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), for every ten Americans who filed for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, “at least three more tried but couldn’t get through” so got nothing.

Since last summer, millions of working Americans experienced pay cuts, many from shortened hours.

On December 22, EPI reported that the Trump regime “finalized a regulation on tips that gives employers of tipped workers a loophole allowing them to capture more than $700 million annually from workers.”

Over the past four years, Trump, hardliners surrounding him, Congress, and the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed through trillions of dollars at monied interests, crumbs alone for ordinary Americans.

EPI stressed that taking hundreds of millions of dollars from low-wage US workers at a time of economic collapse is “a parting blow from” the Trump regime when federal aid is most needed for ordinary people.

In September, EPI reported 50 ways ordinary Americans were harmed by its ruling authorities over the past four years alone.

Like most of his predecessors, Trump “systematically promoted the interests of corporate executives and shareholders over those of working people and failed to protect workers’ safety, wages, and rights.”

During economic collapse this year, he continued to attack worker rights and welfare instead of going all-out to push for large-scale relief when most needed.

When US workers “speak up for themselves and one another, they are fired,” said EPI.

No government to the rescue prevents it in a nation beholden exclusively to wealth, power and privilege.

“Trump’s time in office has been marked by a clear commitment to advancing a pro-corporate, anti-worker agenda,” EPI stressed.

It failed to support federal aid when most needed.

In 2020, it halted funding for Social Security and Medicare.

“It dismantled fiduciary protections for retirement savers,” said EPI.

It went all-out to prevent anything remotely close to universal healthcare.

It waged war on labor rights, already weakened greatly before he took office.

It’s been hostile toward immigrants, asylum seekers, people of color, and the poor.

“It significantly narrowed benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program,” EPI explained.

“It suspended all union elections.”

It fulfilled a US Chamber of Commerce anti-worker wish list.

It encouraged offshoring of jobs while falsely accusing China of stealing them.

It let states privatize employment services.

It deceased workplace safety inspections.

It cut income of already low-wage tipped workers, as explained above.

It undermined job security for millions of US workers.

It prevented millions of workers from receiving extra pay for overtime.

It opposed a long overdue minimum wage increase.

It eroded collective bargaining rights of federal workers.

It pushed through tax cuts for the rich at the expense of ordinary working Americans.

Trump broke virtually every positive promise made — breaching his pledge to “protect (and) fight for” US workers.

His actions were polar opposite.The same goes for Congress — notably during the Greatest Depression in US history when federal aid is most needed.

During holiday season 2020, there’s indifference to human need instead of addressing it.

Looking ahead to the new year, things are highly likely to worsen with little or no relief for the nation’s most disadvantaged. 

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