Pope Francis Supports Hazardous Mass-Vaxxing

Pope Francis Supports Hazardous Mass-Vaxxing

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In his Christmas eve remarks, Pope Francis said the following about mass-vaxxing for covid:

“Today, in this time of darkness and uncertainty regarding the pandemic, various lights of hope appear, such as the discovery of vaccines (sic).” 

“But for these lights to illuminate and bring hope to all (sic), they need to be available to all.”

“We cannot allow the various forms of nationalism closed in on themselves to prevent us from living as the truly human family that we are.”

“Nor can we allow the virus of radical individualism to get the better of us and make us indifferent to the suffering of other brothers and sisters.”

“I cannot place myself ahead of others, letting the law of the marketplace and patents take precedence over the law of love and the health of humanity.”

“I ask everyone — government leaders, businesses, international organizations — to foster cooperation and not competition, and to seek a solution for everyone.”

He called for “vaccines for all, especially for the most vulnerable and needy of all regions of the planet (sic).”

Earlier he said that widespread use of covid vaccines is “morally acceptable (sic)” — even though some vaccines use “cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.”

Does Pope Francis moonlight for Pharma?

Did Pharma giants help prepare his remarks?

Was the Vatican generously compensated for them?

Who better to sell covid vaccines than the Bishop of Rome with over a billion followers worldwide.

Throughout papal history, pontiffs notoriously meddled where they don’t belong.

Their public remarks aside, they’ve been hostile to peace, equity, the rule of law, and social justice.

Supporting wealth and power interests, notably in the West, papal tradition pays lip service alone to popular needs and welfare

It’s notoriously ultraconservative. In his book titled “God and His Demons,” Michael Parenti exposed the myth of organized religions being above reproach.

Criticizing Old and New Testament dogma, he challenged notable religious figures by exposing their dark side, saying:

The god of the Holy Bible – so much adored in the United States and elsewhere – is ferociously vindictive, neurotically jealous, intolerant, vainglorious, punitive, wrathful, sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sadistic and homicidal.” 

“As they say, it’s all in the Bible. Beware of those who act in the name of such a god.” 

“Were we to encounter these vicious traits in an ordinary man, we would judge him to be in need of lifelong incarceration at a maximum-security facility.” 

“At the very least, we would not prattle on about how he works his wonders in mysterious ways.”

In fact, ‘biblical Jesus qualifies quite well as founder and forerunner of an intolerant Christianity.”

“That ‘old-time religion’ is still very much with us and having a considerable impact on US political life.”

Author John Allen slammed Pope Benedict XVI, saying he “believe(d) the best antidote to political totalitarianism is ecclesial totalitarianism.”

He and other pontiffs exercised dictatorial powers, governing as they wished, their decrees having final say.

Pope John Paul II was involved in counter-revolutionary activities, supporting right-wing dictatorships, calling them “bulwarks against communis(m).”

Greed isn’t just good on Wall Street. Holy See self-enrichment comes at the expense of the faithful. 

Papal authorities pursue reactionary goals.

Mixing religion with politics, Roman Catholicism and other hard-right faiths spread ideological extremism to mass audiences, claiming to serve God’s will. 

Fundamentalism dominates, liberal theology favoring equity and justice for everyone opposed.

Organized religion notoriously treads where it doesn’t belong, notably the papacy, irresponsibly meddling in politics, siding with wealth, power and privilege — no matter the harm to human health, safety and well-being.

Before becoming archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998, then a cardinal in 2001, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) supported Argentina’s military dictatorship (March 1976 – December 1983) – including its brutal dirty war backed by Washington.

Thousands disappeared. In detention centers, they were tortured, many eliminated. 

Anyone expressing dissent or considered an ideological or political threat was vulnerable.

Communists, socialists, independent journalists, human rights supporters, trade unionists, priests endorsing social justice, and students were targeted. 

In his earlier capacity, Pope Francis was complicit in what went on, supporting instead of denouncing it responsibly.

His rhetoric belies behind the scenes Vatican dirty business as usual. It’s been unchanged for time immemorial.

Promoting hazardous to human health vaccines over shunning them to stay safe is one of many examples of how the papacy serves privileged interests over the general welfare.

Ignore the pope’s advice about covid vaccines to stay free from their harmful toxins.

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