Sino/Russian Ties That Bind

Sino/Russian Ties That Bind

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In 1992, Russia and China established a “constructive partnership.” 

It was followed in 1996 by a “strategic partnership,” then a treaty of “friendship and cooperation” in 2001.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping are close allies, Russia’s president earlier saying:

Sino/Russian relations are “at a very high level…an unprecedented level of mutual trust (and) collaboration.” 

“To say we have strategic cooperation is not enough anymore.”

“(W)e have…a comprehensive partnership and strategic collaboration.” 

“ ‘Comprehensive’ means that we work virtually on all major avenues.” 

“ ‘Strategic’ means that we attach enormous inter‑governmental importance to this work.”

Putin called Xi his “good friend and a reliable partner.” Both leaders share similar views on vital issues. 

“This similarity or coincidence is backed by concrete work, including efforts on the technical level.”

“We are in constant contact, and we consult on global and regional issues.”

Xi Jinping earlier said Sino/Russia ties are the “best in history,” both nations “each other’s most trustworthy strategic partners,” adding:

“President Putin and I have built good working relations and a close personal friendship.”

Xi earlier called Putin his “best and bosom friend.”

Both leaders regard each other as key strategic allies.

They’re jointly implementing Beijing’s hugely ambitious One Belt One Road initiative for greater regional integration and development, involving well over $1 trillion in longterm investments.

Putin and Xi share a multi-world polarity worldview in sharp contrast to Washington’s hostile to world peace unipolar agenda.

In May 2019, a Pentagon white paper called Russia and China strategic threats, especially united.

Both nations wage peace, stability, and mutual cooperation with other countries, threatening none.

It’s in stark contrast to US wars by hot and/or other means on all nations free from its control.

The US is a nation in decline while China, Russia, and other countries are rising on the world stage.

Instead of bonding with both nations and others, Trump and hardliners surrounding him wrecked multi-lateral relations in pursuit of Washington’s failed hegemonic agenda.

On New Year’s eve, Xi extended greetings and best wishes to Putin and the Russian people.

In 2020, China and Russia jointly launched the Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation.

It promotes bilateral economic and trade cooperation, both countries allying with China’s Belt and Road initiative and Eurasian Economic Union.

They commemorated the China-Russia Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation’s 20th anniversary.

Putin extended New Year greetings and good wishes to Xi, along with wishing happiness and good health for China’s people.

On his website, Putin extended holiday season greetings to Xi and numerous other world leaders.

He noted that Sino/Russian relations and strategic partnership “continued to expand dynamically during the outgoing year.”

Moscow and Beijing also worked closely “in addressing key issues on the regional and global agendas, and acted together at the UN, SCO and BRICS.”

“I am confident that the upcoming year will be marked by new achievements in our joint work to promote the entire range of bilateral relations in the spirit of the Treaty on Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation,” he stressed.

His New Year greetings to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed hope for restoration of peace and stability to the war-torn country — victimized by US aggression.

He vowed continued Russian support for its liberating struggle.

He wished Trump and his family “good health, high spirits and well-being, and happiness and prosperity to all people in the United States.”

He’s under no illusion of improved bilateral relations when Biden/Harris take over.

Most likely, they’ll deteriorate more than already.

The new year may be worse than the one now past in many respects with regard to peace, equity, justice,  and the rule of law, along with the health and well-being of ordinary people.

Dominant US hardliners from both wings of its war party abhor these principles.

It bodes ill for the new year that’s likely to exceed the enormous harm to countless millions of people because of hostile to health, safety, and well-being by Washington’s diabolical agenda.

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