Covid Vaccines Don’t Protect As Falsely Claimed

Covid Vaccines Don’t Protect as Falsely Claimed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

All governments lie. So do their press agent media.

Believe nothing they say. Reject their harmful to human health and well-being agendas.

According to reports from Israel, hundreds of people in the country fell ill from covid (aka seasonal flu) after vaxxed for protection not gotten from Pfizer’s experimental/high-risk vaccine.

Declared 95% effective by Pfizer is proving more myth than reality.

Over a million Israelis were vaxxed so far.

In its New Year’s day edition, the lying machine NYT hailed Israel as “a world leader in” mass-vaxxing for covid, adding:

On trial for fraud, bribery and breach of trust/unindicted war criminal, “Netanyahu is leading the charge (sic)” — in promoting hazardous to human health vaxxing with what everyone wishing to be safe, not sorry, should not touch, what the Times failed to add.

Instead it quoted Israeli pro-Pharma, pro-mass-vaxxing with toxic covid vaccines health minister Yuli Edelstein, saying:

“We are leading the world race (vax everyone) thanks to our early preparations (sic).”

It includes three rounds of harmful to public health and well-being lockdowns — that provide no protection from covid (aka seasonal flu) as falsely claimed by Israel, the West, and other countries.

Netanyahu wants all Israelis vaxxed with what no one should permit because when used as directed, covid vaccines permanently alter DNA.

Like high-profile US officials, Netanyahu pretended to be vaxxed for covid live on Israeli TV — a ruse to con other Israelis into going along with playing Russian roulette with their health.

As part of Netanyahu’s mass deception campaign, he defied reality by calling mass-vaxxing for covid a “giant step for health (sic).”

Worldwide mass-vaxxing is a “giant step” for the bottom line of Pharma companies that aim to cash in big from genetic alternation of countless millions of unwitting human lab rats. 

Netanyahu’s diabolical scheme involves issuance of vax passports for access to undesignated places so far where unvaxxed Israelis won’t be permitted to enter — perhaps to include workplaces, schools, stores, entertainment venues, and airports.

Will Western and other countries adopt the same draconian policy?

Will genetic alternation be the price for free movement in societies?

Ireland’s health minister Stephen Donnelly announced issuance of vax passports.

Was this action by two nations a shot across the bow for what may follow worldwide?

Is depopulation part of the diabolical scheme?

When anything widely promoted by governments and press agent media risks harm to people going along, expect the worst to follow.

Time and again, regimes in the West and elsewhere prove they’re enemies of the people they’re sworn to serve — instead of the other way around.

The same goes for their press agent media like the NYT.

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