Sergey Lavrov’s Reality Check

Sergey Lavrov’s Reality Check

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Lavrov and Iranian Foreign Minister  Mohammad Javad Zarif are the preeminent diplomats of our time.

Respected for their straight talk candor and support for the rule of law and cooperative relations with other countries, their agendas are polar opposite how their Western counterparts operate.

Lavrov stressed that Russia “has a peaceful and predictable foreign policy,” adding: 

“We remain open to joint efforts, based on mutual respect, with anyone who is willing to reciprocate.” 

“We are not playing zero sum geopolitical games, and we are not acting in the spirit of an archaic concept of spheres of influence.” 

“Quite the contrary. We are taking practical action to implement the idea that large-scale trans-border problems can only be settled through joint efforts based on the principle of solidarity.”

The above is worlds apart from politicized actions by the US and its imperial partners in pursuing their interests at the expense of nations they seek dominance over.

Russia’s higher standard based on the rule of law and multi-world polarity rejects their war on humanity, their diabolical hegemonic aims.

Russia is open to dialogue with all nations, including the US if it ceases “lecturing and the policy of blackmail and ultimatums,” said Lavrov.

Clearly it’s not in the cards. Notably it won’t happen when Biden/Harris replace Trump.

Russia strongly favors extending New START to halt Washington’s reckless arms race that threatens world peace and stability.

Trump regime hardliners rejected what the vast majority of nations support.

Despite Biden’s rhetorical support for extending New START, it’s unclear if he’ll pursue it responsibly when taking office.

Little time remains. New START expires on February 5 if not renewed.

Lavrov explained that Republicans and Dems are hellbent for ensuring military superiority over other nations — no matter the cost and risk to world peace and stability.

“The arms control system has fallen victim to (Washington’s) destructive policy,” Lavrov stressed, adding: 

“The Americans have destroyed a number of vital agreements and are doing their best to promote initiatives that would benefit them alone.” 

“At the same time, they have shown complete disregard for the security interests of other countries.”

New START is the last remaining Russia/US arms control agreement.

It limits “the nuclear missile potential of the world’s two largest nuclear powers and ensures predictability and verifiability of their activities in this sphere,” said Lavrov.

Russia responsibly addresses vital geopolitical issues in stark contrast to Washington’s hegemonic aim for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve it.

Notably it includes transforming sovereign independent nations into pro-Western vassal states — wars, sanctions, color revolutions, and old-fashioned coups its favored strategies.

The US in cahoots with its imperial partners use “the divide-and-conquer approach,” said Lavrov.

“Russia will continue to promote peace, security and stability” in stark contrast to how imperial USA operates.

Commenting separately on US and other Western sanctions, Lavrov said the following:

Russia rejects “aggressive, unfriendly actions or whims” in pursuit of national interests at the expense of targeted nations and the rule of law.

On Libya, Lavrov explained that after US-led NATO raped and destroyed the country in 2011, Russia has gone all-out to restore its peace and stability diplomatically.

In late December, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s unacceptable comparison “between Russia’s efforts to combat (covid…aka seasonal flu) and the unwarranted terrorist activities of” (US-created-and-supported) ISIS.

“Spreading ‘fake information,’ ” Borrell unacceptably “demonise(d) the Russian media and journalists.” 

“By calling for fighting media manipulation, he himself appears to be showing clear symptoms of the infodemic infection.”

He’s an imperial tool for the diabolical interests that Washington and its hegemonic EU partners in high crimes pursue.

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