Big Media Pushing for Trump’s Removal

Big Media Pushing for Trump’s Removal

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hostile to equity, justice and the rule of law, Big Media operate like wolf packs. 

They seek out vulnerable animals to kill for prey.

Testing for weaknesses, they attack when find an advantage, pursuing it relentlessly, mostly in packs, at times individually.

They’re formidable killers able to take down animals their own size and much larger.

Wolves kill for food and self-protection if necessary.

Big Media target prey in their own way, notably nations on the US target list for regime change and truth-tellers like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and other whistleblowers.

They also consider Trump prey, wanting him removed from office by impeachment or invoking of the 25th amendment — days before his tenure ends.

Long before Wednesday’s orchestrated Capitol Hill violence, former Trump Organization vice president Barbara Res believed he’d resign like Richard Nixon.

She explained that he’s done “things to save face many times before,” adding:

“There are some things that…he can’t control, and he’s now at th(at) point.”

She made the above remark last October, long before events this week.

In December 2019, hostile-to-Trump CNN — the most distrusted name in so-called television “news” — said “(t)he patriotic move is for Trump to resign (sic).”

Around the same time, a Time magazine propaganda piece said “the stars are more aligned for (Trump to resign) than ever before  (sic).”

Last March, the Boston Globe accused Trump of having “blood on his hands” over lives lost from covid — aka renamed seasonal flu/influenza.

Throughout last year, numbers of illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths from the illness were much like in earlier years — mostly affecting the elderly and infirm.

At the same time as well, the hostile-to-Trump NYT expressed outrage over what it called affording him more protection than what Nixon got.

That was then. This is now. 

Long knives are out in force for Trump’s removal from office in the wake of days earlier Capitol Hill violence he had nothing to do with.

The staged false flag is being used as a pretext for his removal — even though Biden/Harris will replace him in less than two weeks.

Big Media operate like vultures as well as wolf packs. 

Smelling blood, they’re going for Trump’s throat, seeking to achieve what couldn’t be accomplished before — but not for lack of trying.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT waged media war on Trump throughout his tenure — wanting him weakened and discredited for defeating media darling Hillary.

Now they want him removed from office, its editors demanding it for two straight days with likely more to follow while he remains in the White House.

Its latest below the belt hit piece called his remaining in office “(t)he most pressing issue facing the nation right now (sic).”

The phony claim is an astonishing perversion of reality, even for the lying machine Times that gives yellow journalism a bad name.

It lied claiming that Trump “incite(d) thousands of his followers to attack the government (sic)” — a maliciously falsified statement defying reality.

The Big Lies continued, claiming that “(t)he potential for him to wreak additional havoc is enormous” unless he’s removed or steps down (sic), adding:

“There’s no doubt that Mr. Trump is responsible for the riot at the Capitol (sic).”

“There’s no doubt” that the above statement is a bald-faced Big Lie.”

Virtually daily, the Times finds new ways to disgrace himself.

The CIA-linked Washington Post operates the same way.

Repeating the above Big Lie, WaPo falsely accused Trump of “caus(ing) the assault on the Capitol (sic),” adding: 

“He must be removed” — damn reality on the Hill and the rule of law.

Other fourth estate wolf pack members are pushing for the same thing.

The Wall Street Journal headlined: “After Capitol Riot, Resignations and Calls for Trump’s Removal”

Calling for the same thing, CNN headlined: “A second Trump impeachment vs. the 25th Amendment”

NBC: “Pelosi joins growing call for Trump to be immediately removed from office, may back impeachment.”

“Schumer in pressing (Pence) to force Trump out.”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) asked: Is “Trump Unfit To Remain In Office For The Next 2 Weeks?”

AP News: “Lawmakers openly discuss ousting Trump, possible impeachment”

USA Today: “How the 25th Amendment would be used to end Trump presidency”

Fox News: “Capitol riots lead celebrities to call for Donald Trump to be impeached or removed from office”

Fox News also reported that Mike Pence opposes his removal.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough disgracefully said the following:

“If Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are not arrested today for insurrection and taken to jail and booked…then we are no longer a nation of laws and we only tell people they can do this again.”

The above not only defies the rule of law, it perverts reality — falsely accusing Trump for a false flag used to weaken, disgrace and assure he’s denied a second term.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley explained that Wednesday’s Capitol Hill protest “was peaceful for hours.”

That changed when orchestrated violence was unleashed by hostile to Trump and the rule of law elements — bussed in for what was planned.

Separately, Turley argued that “(r)emoving Trump by the 25th Amendment could set ‘very dangerous’ standard,” adding:

“You have to be very careful with this.” 

“When you start to remove presidents by what you perceive as a mental disability, it is a standard that can easily be abused.”

Turley added that it’s “extremely unlikely” that Trump will be removed this way.

If tried, he can object and initiate an 8-day process period that would “effectively remove him within a couple of days of leaving office…and that’s assuming you have the merits.”

With all of the above in mind and likely wanting to save face, will Trump resign before January 20, leaving office gracefully, not pushed?

As readers of my articles know, I’m a sharp Trump critic and have been throughout his tenure.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to want him held accountable.

Wednesday’s Capitol Hill violence is not one of them.

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