Slamming NYT Censorship

Slamming New York Times Censorship

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The NYT and other Big Media are lying machines, censoring machines, propaganda machines for powerful interests — hostile to journalism as it should be.

In response to the Times’ fake news article, promoting hazardous covid vaccines that included “defamatory” rubbish about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., he published a truth-telling response on his Children’s Health Defense (CHD) website.

A followup CHD article slammed the Times, saying the self-styled newspaper of record “shills for Pharma under the (phony) guise of ‘fact checking.’ ”

CHD explained that last year and now, “an increasingly ruthless censorship regime (is) intent on tightly controlling discussion about the coronavirus and related topics.”

Truth-tellers on hazards of all vaccines, especially DNA altering covid ones, are dismissed as “expertise deniers” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

By this standard, truths are what Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Media say about covid vaccines they’re pushing for mass-vaxxing.

No one valuing their health and well-being should touch them.

In mid-December, the Times falsely accused truth-tellers about hazardous covid vaccines “misinformation peddlers” — what applies to Times and other Big Media.

Instead of warning the public about dangers of toxic Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines, the Times and other Big Media push them — ignoring their hazards to human health.

What the Times calls fact-checking is blatant censorship, operating as a drug-pushing Pharma press agent.

Like other Big Media, it’s criminally complicit in disease-promotion from toxins in covid vaccines and should be held accountable.

All vaccines should be banned, not OK’d for human use — especially covid ones.

They’re permitted because Pharma cashes in big on them — profiting hugely from harming human health.

Since mass-vaxxing for covid began, thousands of adverse events were reported, including deaths.

According to his wife days earlier:

“The love of my life, my husband Gregory Michael MD…died the…due to a strong reaction to the COVID vaccine.”

“He was a very healthy 56 year old…vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine…on December 18” — an adverse reaction happening “3 days later.”

After “seek(ing) emergency room (treatment)…(h)e was admitted in the ICU with a diagnosis of acute (immune thrombocytopenia) ITP…”

It was “caused by a reaction to the COVID vaccine.” 

“A team of expert doctors tried for 2 weeks to raise his platelet count to no avail.” 

“Experts from all over the country were involved in his care.”

“No matter what they did, the platelets count refused to go up.” 

“He was conscious and energetic through the whole process but 2 days before a last resort surgery, he got a hemorrhagic stroke caused by the lack of platelets that took his life in a matter of minutes.”

Do not let his death be in vain… (P)lease save more lives by making this information news.”

Drug-pushing Big Media, including the Times and social media, suppress this type information — wanting people uninformed about the hazards of covid mass-vaxxing.

Unknown numbers of others died or became seriously ill after being vaxxed for covid.

Going along with what should be banned is playing Russian roulette with human health and well-being.

The CDC and Science magazine warned of possible severe allergic reactions from covid inoculation.

Do the Times and other Big Media consider them “misinformation peddlers,” CHD asked?

On Wednesday, Pandemic News reported that covid vaxxing risks a 10-tenfold “higher allergic reaction rate than (seasonal) flu shots.”

These experimental vaccines pose a far greater risk of potentially lethal anaphylaxis and other serious diseases.

In December, Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency warned individuals with a history of allergic reactions to foods or medicine not to be vaxxed for covid.

Vaccines don’t protect. They risk serious harm, including contraction of diseases they’re claimed to protect against.

They create customers for other drugs. Taken in combination risks harm to health and well-being.

WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan warned that not enough evidence exists to show that covid vaccines protect against contracting the disease.

Thailand Medical News reported the following:

“Spanish researchers from the University of Valencia and INCLIVA Health Research Institute have discovered in a new study that Severe COVID-19 recovered patients do not display long-lasting adaptive immune responses.”

Alleged protection not gotten from covid vaxxing requires followup inoculations.

The more taken, the greater the risk for adverse events and contraction of serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, autism and heart disease.

Governments in the US, West, and elsewhere — in cahoots with monied interests and Big Media — are enemies of ordinary people, not public servants.

On all things related to health, well-being and safety, we’re on our own for self-protection — along with family members, medical providers, and others dedicated to help and protect, not harm.

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